Leftist Media Silent As Black Man Charged In Racially-Motivated Serial Killings

A 22-year-old black man in Kansas City with a history of threatening violence against white people has been apprehended in connection with the murders of five innocent white men.


Of course, you probably haven’t heard much about this story since many mainstream media outlets have yet to pick up on it.

Nonetheless, it’s happening – and it’s horrific.

According to The Daily Caller, Frederick Demond Scott was formally charged this week in the murders of two middle-aged white men – Steven Gibbons and John Palmer.

In the case of the former, Scott’s DNA was reportedly found at the scene. It is alleged that he was travelling on the same bus as Gibbons and proceeded to get off at the same stop, shooting the 57-year-old at close range in the back of the head.

Police also suspect that Scott is behind three other murders of middle-aged white men – David Lenox, Timothy Rice and Mike Darby.

All of these incidents took place between 2016 and the present day.

As mentioned in the video report below, officials suspected those murders may have been the work of a serial killer as early as May of this year.

Of course, if the races were reversed here, this would be enough to throw the mainstream media into a frenzy of allegations that the current political climate is somehow responsible for an uptick in racially-motivated crime.

But this actually isn’t all; no, to the contrary, The Kansas City Star is reporting on a whole host of anti-white behavior displayed by Scott in the past.

In January of 2014, for example, Scott reportedly told staff at an alternative school that he wanted to “kill all white people” and shoot up the institution Columbine-style.

He received a 180-day suspended prison sentence for that outburst and was placed under supervision.

Nonetheless, Scott’s mother claims to be quite surprised by accusations that he murdered four innocent men for no apparent reason other than their race.

The Kansas City Star quotes her as stating, “as far as I know Fredrick never had a problem with white people. He would do odd jobs for people and some of those people were white men.”

Scott’s mother is not alone in her apparent oblivion.

A quick search on CNN – which has no issue stroking the flames of racial tension when a story’s (often false) details fit its leftist slant – reveals a whopping zero articles mentioning Scott’s name.

Also missing out on the story are NBC News, HuffPost and BuzzFeed – all left-leaning outlets that have no shame covering stories about racial injustice (real or imagined) when the roles differ from their nature in Fredrick Demond Scott’s case.

Well, hey, maybe these outlets just need a friendly nudge. After all, they’ve got a lot of leftist propaganda to spew; they’re probably quite busy with that.

Here’s how you can get in touch with them to get the word out about the horrors of this particular case:

Racially-motivated crime is wrong and deserves widespread condemnation regardless of who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

Sadly, the mainstream media, much of which is left-leaning, misses this. It’s incredibly important that we hold these powerful organizations to the high standard of truth they seem to be falling short of – intentionally or unintentionally.

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