Kansas Parents Horrified After School Passes Out Invasive “Gender Unicorn” Questionnaire


Kansas parents are demanding answers after an “unauthorized” worksheet asking students invasive questions about gender identity and sexual attraction was passed out to a high school human development class.

School administrators have expressed insistence that it never should have been passed out and was not approved, but this is reportedly not the first instance in which the “Gender Unicorn” worksheet has made an appearance in Olathe East High School.

The Kansas City Star reported that the worksheet is from the Trans Student Education Resources website and asks students to write down their sex at birth, gender identity, their gender expression, the gender they’re sexually attracted to, and the gender they’re emotionally attracted to.

“Though the district says the unapproved worksheet was distributed to only one Human Growth and Development class — and the principal immediately asked students not to fill it out — the same thing happened in the class last February,” the newspaper noted.

The worksheet caused an uproar on social media and the district subsequently acknowledged that it was inappropriate.

“We are working with staff to make sure this worksheet is not distributed to any other classrooms and is not used in any instruction moving forward,” Principal Kerry Lane wrote to parents.

However, some remain cynical as the issue clearly wasn’t resolved after the February incident.

“And that’s just because teachers have an awful lot of leeway in what they can do and what they can bring into the classrooms,” says newly-elected school board member Brian Connell, who told the Star that district administrators need to be more proactive in their application of parameters as to what materials can be used in the classroom.

“Being reactive is not leadership,” he stated.

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