Kanye West Has Been Studying The Bible With This Pastor Who Preached The Gospel at Sunday Service


It appears Kanye West is being actively discipled by a Bible-believing California pastor following the release of his controversial Gospel album which has Christians around the world rejoicing for his apparent salvation, “Jesus is King.”!

Pastor Adam Tyson of Placerita Bible Church in Santa Clarita recently gained a bit of attention after preaching a pure, unwatered-down gospel to attendees at one of West’s “Sunday Service” concerts in Detroit.

In an early October episode of “The Pure Flix Podcast,” Tyson revealed that West claims to have had a radical salvation experience about six months ago. West began to visit Tyson’s 400-member church and has since been meeting with him weekly to study the Bible for some time now:

The first time I talked to him the first Sunday in June, he told me, “I got radically saved five weeks ago.” I said, “Kanye, what happened five weeks ago?” He said, “I was just under the weight of my sin and I was being convicted that I was running from God, and I knew I needed to make things right, so I came to Christ. I came out of darkness into the light.

I spent about three hours just going through the Gospel, making sure he understood clearly about the atonement of Jesus Christ, that God is holy, that we are sinners, that Christ came to die in the place of sinners, that by repenting and believing in him, we can have eternal life. And [West] was like, “Hey, man. I told you I’ve been radically saved; I believe that message and I wanna get that message out to the world.”

Shortly after Tyson’s first meeting with West, they began a Tuesday night Bible study. After West and his family moved to Wyoming, he began flying Tyson out weekly to continue the studies.

West has been the subject of much discussion since his newfound Christian faith became public. In late October, the rapper released the “Jesus is King,” album along with an accompanying an IMAX movie by the same name.

According to Disrn, The American Bible Society (ABS) is giving away 1,000 Bibles after the release of “Jesus is King” sparked a sudden uptick in Google searches for Bible-related topics such as “Jesus” and “What do Christians believe?”

ABS began “Bibles for Kanye Fans” specifically to help those reached by West’s message by giving them a Bible free of charge.

“When we saw an influential cultural figure like Kanye inspiring young people to curiously seek out answers to their faith questions, we saw that as an opportunity to do what we do best as an organization: to provide God’s word and point people to it as a source to their questions about faith,” said John Farquhar Plake, ABS Director of Ministry Intelligence.

It is amazing to see how God is using this one-time idolatrous, self-worshipping rapper to spread His message of salvation far and wide.

Continue to pray for Kanye West and his family. Read the Parable of the Soils in Luke 8:4-15 to remind yourself of the outcomes of new conversions. Pray that West would continue under the teaching of Pastor Tyson and others who, unlike many popular preachers, are far more likely to hold him to solid biblical standards of discipleship. And, lastly, learn from West’s zeal and consider how you can be used by God to reach even just one person with the truth of His glorious gospel!


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