“Keep NYC Trash-Free” Posters Depict Christians, Trump Supporters


While we are likely to hear an endless chorus from the mainstream media this week about how Trump and conservatives are responsible for the violent acts of two clearly crazy and hateful people in Florida and Philadelphia, the left can’t hide their own hate and violence.

The media may think they have a hold on the narrative, but we have not forgotten the last couple of years, or even the past couple of weeks, in which those on the right have been the targets of angry, politically-charged violence.

Just a few examples are the firebombing of a GOP office in North Carolina in 2016, the man whose car was totaled for his pro-Trump bumper sticker, the ricin that was sent to Sens. Cruz and Collins following the Kavanaugh vote, Eric Holder and Maxine Waters’ violent language towards conservatives in October alone, everything Antifa has ever done.

Meanwhile, Trump supported “lock her up” at rallies in 2016, and somehow a mass shooting and attempted bombings are his fault?


The hateful spirit of liberals is on full display in the streets of New York City this week, in the form of a series of street art posters made to look like a NYC Department of Sanitation campaign to keep the city “trash” free.

The “trash” the posters want to keep out of NYC?

Trump supporters, Christians, and Southerners, as well as Red Sox and Patriots fans.



The posters, that were not authorized by NYC Department of Sanitation officials, are reported to have been designed and installed where PSAs would normally be by NYC street artist Winston Tseng, Fox News reports.

Many called on the City of New York to have the posters removed.

“This is #HateSpeech against Christians & Trump supporters,” tweeted Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, this weekend. “What would happen if a similar sign was posted w/ a Muslim man holding the Koran? Or a homosexual holding a pride flag?”

We will repeat her urge to call the New York Mayor’s office at 1-212-NEW-YORK and demand the posters be removed.

According to some Twitter users, the Department of Sanitation has disavowed the posters and is looking to have them removed.

As of this writing, Monday morning, there is no update that the posters have been removed. So, folks, NYC might need a reminder–let’s ring Mayor de Blasio’s phone off the hook!

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