Kevin Sorbo Calls Out Irony Of “Men With Guns” Trying to Take Our Guns


Conservative actor and television legend of ‘Hercules’ fame Kevin Sorbo is reminding Americans that the very fact that “men with guns” want to take our guns proves the need for the Second Amendment in the first place.

Hear, hear.

“If you don’t see the irony of a gun ban being enforced by men with guns, then you fail to understand why the 2nd amendment was written in the first place,” Sorbo tweeted.

In an earlier tweet, Sorbo signaled that this observation was made in response to professed plans from the Joe Biden transition team to pursue dramatic gun control measures.

As Breitbart News has reported, Biden wants to ban firearms considered by Democrats to be in the vague category of “assault weapons” which is a strictly political, rather than technical term for certain guns.

Biden’s policy director has pledged “big, bold changes through executive action” on firearms.

Breitbart also noted that Sorbo’s suggestion that “a gun ban being enforced by men with guns” points to the original need for the Second Amendment echoes that of Founding Father James Madison’s defense of the right to bear arms.

“Madison, the author of the Second Amendment, used Federalist 46 to contend hat one of the strongest checks on federal tyranny–if not the single strongest check–was an armed citizenry,” they explain.

“He boiled down differences between Americans and their European counterparts by explaining that Americans could unite to stop a federal government intent on using military force to topple State power,” they continue.

Europeans, with no right to bear arms, had no such option to check the power of government.

“The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation,” Madison wrote.

He asserted that the “ultimate authority…resides in the people alone and that all authority held by government is derivative power that flows from the people and rests in the people.”

You cannot have a republic without an armed populace.

Those who have the weapons ultimately have the power—there is no freedom in a nation where only the government holds the weapons and the people are stripped of this natural right without which there can be no others.

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