Kevin Sorbo Nails Liberal Hypocrisy In One Perfect Tweet: “A Party That Supports Abortion is Going to Lecture Me on Morals?”


Despite the impression we often get from members of the entertainment industry that everyone in Hollywood is a far-left progressive, there are, in fact, a small handful of conservative, Christian, and pro-life figures among the glitterati, and they’d like their voices to be heard too.

While not many actors have the courage to stand up to the leftist status quo in their industry, a handful of them refuse to be silenced—especially when the lives of unborn children are on the line.

Kevin Sorbo, the sci-fi/fantasy star of “Hercules” and “Andromeda” who went on to star in Christian blockbusters like “God’s Not Dead” has made a name for himself as one actor whose values won’t be swayed.

Although Sorbo has long been a vocal advocate for the unborn, he took to Twitter last weekend to shut down any chance liberals had at claiming the moral high ground in society: “A party that supports abortion over Life…is going to lecture me on morals. Don’t think so.”

Amen and amen!

The Democrats don’t care about the oppressed, they care about appearances. Otherwise, they’d never support abortion, the most grisly and prolific form of oppression imaginable, in a million years.

Last year, Sorbo co-wrote an op-ed for CNS News with his wife, Sam, in which they retold a heartwarming story of a friend who received a phone call from an old girlfriend asking him to accompany her to a clinic for an abortion, but eventually changed her mind.

Then, mincing no words, the Sorbos went on to refer to abortion as “the definition of evil, pure and simple:”

Secular humanists have made the word abortion sound like a woman’s right, synonymous with health care, female empowerment, standing for women’s issues, a choice, a solution; anything but the truth.

The truth is, however, abortion is the termination of life. It is just a euphemism for murder because the only reason to get an abortion is to avoid the potential of birth – a human birth.

We dress it up with “my body, my choice,” but it is still a life inside of a woman’s womb, and that life is still extinguished by the brutal procedure of abortion.

Sorbo also highlighted the incredible hypocrisy of a sociopolitical ideology like liberalism that celebrates a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child, yet calls for the harshest possible punishments for anyone who harms animals:

In some cases, disturbing the nest of a sea turtle and stealing its eggs is a crime punishable by years in prison and tremendous fines, but we have an entire industry in this nation devoted to the murder of unborn human beings. This is the new civil rights cause for our country. Barely a century after our grave and costly war against slavery, against depriving some human beings of their dignity and based solely on their skin color, we codified into law the right of the citizen to kill her progeny, based solely on its size and location, while unwittingly depriving herself of love that is pure and enduring.

This is the definition of evil, pure and simple.

The Sorbos were also instrumental in fundraising efforts for the film about the hideous crimes of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

In a statement about their support for the film, they said, “Even the pro-choicers would look at this and say, ‘No, this isn’t right.’”

“We pray that the thousands of babies slaughtered are never forgotten,” they said of Gosnell’s victims.

If you are on Twitter, go and offer thanks to Kevin Sorbo and those like him for lending their voices to the voiceless and standing up against the murder of unborn children. We will not be silenced!


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