“Experts” Claim Kindergarten Is A Good Time To Teach Kids About Transgenderism

A new article in The Los Angeles Times praises the idea of introducing transgenderism to kindergarten-aged children and telling them it’s possible to be born in the wrong body.


The article – written by a propagandist named Sonali Kohli – begins with a story about Ankur Dhawan, whose 6-year-old child, attending the Rocklin Academy, “walked into the living room one day in June and told her family she’d learned in school that you could be a girl in a boy’s body.”

“Caught off guard,” Kohli writes, “Dhawan invoked the Hindu god Ganesha.”

“‘Ganesha put souls in bodies, sometimes he goofs up, and that’s all there is to it,’ Dhawan told her.”

“Ganesha,” in case you were wondering.

Sorry, what? Why even bother worshipping a god if “sometimes he goofs up?”

Of course, this isn’t the only logical lapse in The Los Angeles Times’ piece. Nope, the piece goes on to declare that “experts say kindergarten is a good time to start talking to kids about gender identity.”

The piece continues, “as transgender and gender fluid people become increasingly visible in the media, children are exposed to the concepts earlier and have started feeling more comfortable publicly identifying at younger ages, said Becca Mui, the education manager at the LGBT education and advocacy group GLSEN.”

Apparently the fact that children are impressionable and will listen to whatever the adults around them are saying has been lost on liberals, who think that the increasing amount of transgender propaganda out there has no correlation to the increase in children identifying as transgender.

“At kindergarten, they’re at a place where they understand developmentally the difference between boys and girls… and they also developmentally can think about identity versus expression,” The Los Angeles Times goes on to quote Mui as stating.

Mui reportedly went on to suggest that books about transgenderism should be encouraged in classrooms.

The Los Angeles Times further quotes Susan Landon, a therapist for transgender children, as stating that books about transgenderism should be treated as no different in the classroom than books about other forms of diversity.

The Los Angeles Times piece names this book – about transgender reality TV child star Jazz Jennings – specifically.

“These are all things that children need to know about because this is what you’re going to see in your life and they’re all perfectly normal,” Landon reportedly said.

The Los Angeles Times goes on to quote a post on the Rocklin Academy website as stating that not only should schools include propaganda about transgenderism in the classroom – they also have no need to tell parents they’re doing so.

“We live in a diverse society, and our students come to us from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of experience, and with a variety of needs,” Rocklin Academy superintendent Robin Stout told parents in a letter last month, according to The Los Angeles Times.

“Our job as a school is to make sure all of our students are accepted, included, and safe so that they can learn.”

In true propaganda fashion, The Los Angeles Times closes its piece by reverting back to the slightly-too-cozy story of Ankur Dhawan.

“Dhawan understands where the angry parents are coming from,” the piece reads. “He too would have preferred to have time to research instead of having to answer his daughter’s question on the spot.”

“But he also knows that transgender children face many challenges, and he wants his child to get the guidance she needs to learn to treat them with kindness.”

And thus, the concerns of all rational parents who don’t want their kids exposed to transgenderism are swept aside in the name of pacifying the 0.3% of individuals who suffer from gender dysmorphia.

Please continue to pray for our children. They are increasingly being bombarded with blatant propaganda promoting not only transgenderism but all the other characters in the LGBTQQIP2SAA acronym.

What happened to just letting kids be kids?

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