Kidnap and Rape Victim Elizabeth Smart’s Father Says Coming Out “More Difficult” Than Her Ordeal


It’s interesting that the LGBT crowd seems so set on “smashing the patriarchy” when nothing seems to be more noble and brave than a man who comes out as gay, especially one who dresses in drag or claims to actually be a woman. While men like this certainly contribute to the doing away of the patriarchy in their own weird way, the way in which their plight seems to always trump anything at all that a woman may go through is a blatant degradation of women, no matter how much they deny this fact.

There is one man who has exceeded in “smashing” the patriarchy as he once was a husband and a father but is now living as a gay man who has abandoned his family and has even gone as far as to degrade his own daughter by trivializing her being kidnapped and repeatedly raped at the age of 14.

Ed Smart, the father of Elizabeth Smart, said at a conference in Lehi, Utah hosted by the non-profit Encircle, that coming out as gay was “more difficult” than when his daughter Elizabeth was kidnapped from their home in Salt Lake City and repeatedly raped and abused over the course of nine months.  


According to MRCTV, Smart and his now ex-wife Lois have six children together. When he came out, it made headlines. Smart had been a lifelong member of the Mormon Church but, despite this, is now not only embracing his homosexuality but is promoting it all around the country on the national stage. Apparently drawing on the nightmare his daughter lived through to paint himself as a victim, too. 

His story was glowingly told on  CBS This Morning earlier this month, where he told host Gayle King he’s “relieved” to have come out. Of course, he is being hailed as a hero by the LGBT crowd and mainstream media.

All the media attention and demand for him to speak at LGBT events is apparently not enough for Smart. He feels the need to make sure everyone still remembers his daughter’s horrific tale of rape and abuse by asserting that, while living through her being kidnapped and brutally raped was “very difficult,” coming out as gay was “more difficult.”

How’s that for a slap in the face for his own daughter and rape and abuse victims all around the world?

“To have Elizabeth come back was huge. To have our family be able to move forward from that was huge,” Smart said. “And I was at a crossroads where I was going to be causing difficulty in my family.”

“I thought Elizabeth’s ordeal was very difficult,” Smart said before adding, “But this…this was more difficult.”

MRCTV recounts Elizabeth Smart’s ordeal:

To remind, Smart’s daughter, Elizabeth, was abducted at knifepoint from her own bedroom in 2002. Over the course of nine months, Elizabeth was held captive by Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee, during which she was raped daily, starved, force-fed garbage, alcohol and drugs, tied to a tree and threatened with death if she tried to escape. She was finally rescued after a passerby recognized her walking with Mitchell in town one day and reported it to the police.

If anyone is brave and deserving of the title hero it would be Elizabeth, who not only survived this horror but came out of it a fighter, ready to recover and mend her wounds to go on to live a healthy, normal life. She did not let this overcome and defeat her, despite it happening when she was still so young.

Her father is not some hero, as the LGBT crowd would have us believe. He is a coward who abandoned his wife and their children to live a dangerous and immoral lifestyle and used his own daughter’s harrowing story to make coming out as a homosexual seem more compelling and brave.

Pray for the Smart family as they mend from the selfish decisions of their patriarch. Also, pray for Ed Smart, that he would see the error in his ways and decide to return to what is right.

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