“Destroy The Confederacy” Rally Planners Warn Parents: DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS

Far-left group SURJ HTX has warned parents not to bring their children to a rally intended to be held this Saturday at Sam Houston Park in Texas.


According to the Facebook page for “Destroy the Confederacy,” which features a header image of a man spraying fire towards a group of men holding Confederate flags, the event’s purpose is “to demand that the City of Houston ERASE THE CONFEDERACY!”

“It is a STAIN IN THE FABRIC of our history that needs to be removed,” the page reads, followed by a disclaimer warning, “*do NOT bring children.”

Now why would a far-left group warn parents to keep their children away from a protest?

Surely SURJ HTX doesn’t intend to get violent or anything of that sort, right? I mean, if they’re just voicing their concern about the Confederate statue present in Sam Houston Park, there’s no need for violence, is there?

This Is Texas Freedom Force (TITFF), a group which describes itself as “committed to protecting Texas and Texas history,” says otherwise.

“They are not going there to have a rally, not to have anything like that, but they are going there to actually destroy this statue, this Confederate monument that is there,” TITFF’s leader Mel Bone says in a clip uploaded to the group’s Facebook page.

A screenshot of an actual post on the “Destroy the Confederacy” event’s Facebook page.

Bone goes on to state that he intends to call police and warn them of SURJ HTX’s plan to destroy the statue.


Leftists? Destroying a statue? No, never…

With footage like that in mind, it’s not hard to see why children aren’t allowed to attend this particular rally; can you imagine the damage a falling statue like that might do to a little tot running around? Sheesh!

Of course, whether or not any of the progressive leftists attending this rally have any kids is a different issue entirely, considering how much the left loves murdering babies.

Nonetheless, the child-free nature of the rally is just more evidence of how truly insane and violent the left has become; the concept of a peaceful protest is absolutely lost on them.

We don’t have this problem on the right; kids are welcome at our protests… just sayin’.

My children will never forget September of 2015, when we packed up for Kentucky for 3 weeks, rallied around Clerk of…

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on Sunday, May 1, 2016

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