LA Woman Claims Employer Urged Her To Abort Her Baby Over Marital Separation


A California woman is suing her former employer for gender and pregnancy discrimination, claiming that management urged her to have an abortion upon learning that she was separated from her husband.

According to My News LA, Jocelyn Oajaca is suing the auto dealership where she once worked. The dealership, the outlet notes, is owned by Russell Westbrook, a former basketball player for the Washington Wizards.

Oajaca filed her suit against FAB4 LLC, Russell Westbrook Enterprises LLC, and several individual managers of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM dealership on Van Nuys Boulevard in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Oajaca also alleges fraud and retaliation and seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, the outlet reports.

According to the suit, Oajaca was hired in October 2018. She was promoted to business development center representative with a written employment agreement that gave her a long-term position with commissions, bonuses, and benefits.

Upon learning that Oajaca was expecting, however, she claims that her supervisors began harassing her and stating that she shouldn’t have her baby while separated from her spouse. Unnamed members of management even told Oajaca that they would pay for her to have an abortion and give her three days off to recover, suggesting she could “play it off” as though she had a miscarriage, the suit claims.

She then alleges that management pushed Oajaca’s coworkers to harass her regarding her pregnancy as well. She was ultimately fired in March 2020 and replaced with a male employee while she was out on maternity leave.

To add insult to further injury, Oajaca gave birth a month after being fired, only to discover that her insurance had been canceled and that she was now responsible for a staggering hospital bill.

Oajaca says she was later told she could conditionally return to work in May 2020 if she did so with short notice, waived her rights as an employee, and understood that her re-hire was not guaranteed.

“At the same time … Russell Westbrook was promoting himself as a good Samaritan to residents of Los Angeles and offering them support and money if in need,” the lawsuit claims.

Folks, this is the culture of death at work. This is the culture that tells women that they can be equal in value to a man as long as they sacrifice one of the most unique things about their womanhood: the calling of being a mother.

Praise God that this woman didn’t cave to the pressure to end her child’s life for the sake of her job! Pray that justice would be done in this case.

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