Lafayette, LA Mayor Wants Drag Queen Story Hour Cancelled


Progressives in Louisiana are clutching their pearls at the idea that the mayor of Lafayette, LA is trying to get an upcoming “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the public library canceled.

As if it truly is outrageous to want to keep the highly ideologically promotion of cross-dressing out of taxpayer-funded libraries.

Sometimes, it seems as though the left just sets themselves up for stuff like this so they can feign persecution when someone reasonable objects.

The Advocate reports:

Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux wants the public library to cancel Drag Queen Story Time, an event that stirred instant controversy once local media reported on it Monday.

A blurb in the library’s September-October newsletter describes the event as “an afternoon of books, songs and activities led by drag queens” from a provisional chapter of the Delta Lambda Phi fraternity at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The event is scheduled Oct. 6, a Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. The recommended ages for participating children is 3 to 6 years old. The director of the library system, Teresa Elberson, said Tuesday afternoon she has no plans to cancel the event, unless the library governing board instructs otherwise.

Robideaux said in a statement Tuesday he wants to find out how the event was approved. Robideaux noted anyone can reserve space at public libraries without fear of discrimination but officials must ensure “internally approved programming is both appropriate and serves the needs of Lafayette Parish.”

The Library Board of Control oversees library administration, with board members appointed by Robideaux and City-Parish Council members.

“I will be discussing cancellation of the event or privately-owned location alternatives with my appointment and encourage the Council to do the same,” Robideaux said in the statement.

“Drag Queen Story Hours”, a concept that was started in San Francisco by people who have significantly more experience with drag queens and nightclubs than they do small children, has been trending across the country…at least, on the liberal coasts like New York, LA, and its home of San Francisco.

Anyone with half a brain could have guessed it would be controversial in deep-red Louisiana, and for good reason, too. You can absolutely teach children to be kind and loving to people who are different than they are without bringing in people who are accustomed to performing at gay strip clubs or pushing gender-bending on them.

Not to mention, many people in the state of Louisiana have deeply-held Christian beliefs and absolutely do not want their tax dollars spent on events like this, for small children no less.

All this talk about tolerance and acceptance and yet progressives love to flaunt this stuff right out in the open, in front of God-fearing Christians, and act surprised when they voice objection.

This isn’t about tolerance. This is about indoctrination.

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