One Of The Last Few Clinics Providing Late Term Abortions In The U.S. Is Being SHUT DOWN

One of the last few abortion clinics in the United States to provide late term baby murdering services is shutting down after being bought up by a pro-life group.


According to The Washington Post, said pro-life group is the Maryland Coalition for Life, which is set to receive ownership of the Germantown Reproductive Health Services clinic this fall.

“It’s a miracle,” The Washington Post quotes the coalition’s media director, Dennis Donnelly, as stating.

“You fight for something for seven years and all of a sudden it’s handed to you,” he continued, referencing a generous donor’s decision to hand over the chunk of money needed to make a credible offer to buy the clinic.

The Maryland Coalition for Life has reportedly been fighting to combat the devastation this clinic has enacted on the community for years, even going as far as to open up a crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot from it in 2011.

While the property’s owners are not commenting on the sale, LeRoy Carhart – a controversial late-term baby murderer who works at the facility – has stated that he intends to open up another late-term baby murdering facility in the area.

“I am doing everything in my power to keep my practice open and I am considering options looking toward the future,” The Washington Post quotes him as stating.

“It’s heartbreaking that anyone would want to take health care away from women and families by targeting our clinic.”

Carhart’s facility doesn’t just kill babies – they’ve done a good job of killing adults as well.

Leftist pro-baby-murder outlet HuffPost appears to be quite devastated by the late-term baby murder clinic’s pending closure.

“Please tell me he is going to reopen somewhere else,” HuffPost quotes one former patient of Carhart’s as stating. “This is awful.”

Said patient had a late-term abortion carried out by Carhart in 2010 after discovering her baby had Down syndrome, among other defects.

Doctors initially told her it was too late to get an abortion but one eventually told her that if she could find roughly $10,000 quickly, Carhart would murder that baby, no problem.

To learn more about the truly horrific work Carhart – and three other late-term baby murder providers in America – do, check out the video below.

If you’d like to express your gratitude to the Maryland Coalition for Life for their hard work in getting Carhart’s disgusting facility shut down, visit their website here and consider sending a note or a donation.

The Washington Post