Latest iPhone Update Includes “Pregnant Man,” Gender-Neutral Emojis


Apple’s latest iPhone update includes the much anticipated “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” emojis as well as other gender-neutral icons among the 35 new icons found in users’ emoji keyboards.

Last year, Emojipedia announced that the “pregnant man” and other emojis aimed at “inclusivity” would soon start to hit emoji software updates, and Apple initially made the “pregnant man” emoji available to some users in an optional update.

Now, the iOS 15.4 update will include the additional options for pregnancy emojis, as well as a gender-neutral person with a crown next to the binary king and queen options.

The “pregnant man” emoji, of course, is meant to be used to represent women who identify as men and choose to carry children.

In 2017, the British Medical Association released language guidance advising that the term “pregnant person” be used to refer to expecting mothers so as to be more inclusive to transgender patients.

In 2021, President Joe Biden’s administration began using terms like “pregnant person” or “birthing persons” in official language, sparking outrage from conservatives.

Apple’s latest iPhone update was no different:

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