This Lawsuit Filed By Polygamists Exposes the Slippery Slope That Is Gay Marriage


Homosexual marriage is a slippery moral slope for our country, and a recent lawsuit in Mississippi proves why. The plaintiffs argue that legalizing homosexual marriage gives an unfair advantage to the adherents of the secular humanist religion, and so either same-sex marriage should be ended or all “marriages” should be allowed.

This is exactly what we have been warning against. 

The federal lawsuit was filed in Mississippi this week by a group including polygamists and a “machinist” (a man who wants to marry his computer) who want to have their marriages recognized or see same-sex marriage ended completely


The craziest part of all of this is that they actually have a point. Once you set the precedent that any other kind of marriage is legal than the marriage that makes biological sense, anything goes.

“Gay marriage is not secular. Just like polygamy, zoophilia, machinism, and other forms of perspective marriage are also not secular. All forms of parody marriage are equally part of the religion of secular humanism,” said Chris Server, one of the plaintiffs.

According to Life Site News, “By sanctioning same-sex ‘marriage,’ the suit says, the courts overstepped their constitutional bounds by favoring one religious view over another. Either homosexual ‘marriage’ is unconstitutional and the state has no right to recognize it, or homosexual ‘marriage’ should be accepted along with other marriage beliefs, such as polygamy.”

Interestingly enough, Life Site News continues, “Their 50-page complaint argues that homosexual “marriage” is not a civil right but should be recognized as ‘equally obscene and threatening to the community‘ as polygamy and machinism.”

The plaintiffs are actually asking the court to either stop recognizing homosexual marriages or start recognizing all marriages.

This bizarre court case serves as a very important reminder that the homosexual agenda is an ideological and a religious one, aimed at undermining Christian values and forcing the government to give favor to humanist values.

Just as these polygamists and “machinists” (are we really pretending this is a real thing?) want their immoral “unions” to be recognized, it won’t be long before pedophiles make their case to be recognized as valid and normal.

Marriage is between a man and a woman, period. When you allow it to apply to something else, all the freaks come out to play!