Leaked Internal Memo Shows Major Pro-Abortion Group Cautioning Against Calling Abortion “Safe, Legal”


One of the biggest weapons the left wields against uninformed citizens is language. Words have plain meanings, but when their meanings are twisted and contorted, the possibilities for evil are endless.

Pro-abortion advocates have a lexicon all their own in order to sanitize, normalize, and celebrate the gruesome practice of poisoning, dismembering, or using any other vicious method to kill unborn children. This has led to entire generations of people being pitifully unaware of what an abortion procedure actually entails.  And sadly, by employing language as a weapon, the left is gaining massive ground.

However, when their entire offense is built upon the lie that abortion is anything but murder, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your story—and your terms—straight.

Thanks to the leak of an internal memo from pro-abortion nonprofit lobbying group National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), we can see that pro-abortion activists are now more confused than ever as to exactly how to refer to the wholesale slaughter of children in a non-triggering, genteel way.

The memo, according to Splinter, urged NARAL’s supporters to stop using a handful of common buzzwords in the abortion issue.

NARAL deputy field director Travis Ballie reportedly instructed field staffers and volunteers not to say or write “Abortion should be/is safe and legal,” “Abortion is healthcare,” “Abortion is normal,” or “Abortion rights are human rights.” 

Splinter reports that Ballie didn’t give a rationale, but did say that the organization would later organize staff training sessions to explain why “extensive poll and focus group testing of messaging to voters and the general public” precludes them from using those words and phrases.

One can’t help but wonder exactly which words and phrases voters and the general public do prefer when it comes to naming and describing the murder of children.

Ballie also advised supporters to follow NARAL on social media for “real-time approved messages” to use, and to consult an attached memo that describes abortion as “freedom” for “women and their families,” and “personal medical decisions.”

Understandably, NARAL supporters were confused by the sudden jettison of such common buzzwords, especially considering NARAL itself had used or promoted literally every single phrase within the last month:

NARAL, however, is distancing itself from Ballie’s email. While Ballie refused to comment, a spokesperson told Splinter that Ballie seemed to have misunderstood the directives he had received and said that the email “spoke in a way that was not entirely accurate.” 

“I have no idea where he got that from,” the spokesperson added, explaining that Ballie appeared to be operating off of a document that had been shared “with lead volunteers in an attempt to provide them with some messaging guidance,” and wrongly inferred that the phrases should be abandoned because it wasn’t among the language that the document had identified as “the latest and greatest in terms of our findings.”

How unfortunate that Ballie didn’t want to abandon these phrases for legitimate reasons, such as the innumerable health risks that make abortion not “safe,” the fact that it kills another human being which makes it not “a human right,” or the fact the overwhelming majority of abortions being purely for convenience doesn’t fit the definition of “healthcare.”

But that would have been far too honest for a pro-abort, now, wouldn’t it? 


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