Leander Public Library Closed the Public Saturday for Drag Queen Story Hour, 200+ Show Up to Protest


Last week, we reported about the Drag Queen Story Time that was set to be hosted at the Leander Public Library.

The event was originally met with backlash and was canceled by the city (although they did not specify their reasons for doing so as having anything to do with the conservative backlash). Unfortunately, a local church came to the rescue of the drag queens.

Not only was the event back on, but the city went as far as to shut down the library to the public Saturday to give Drag Queens free reign of the facilities, apparently

According to the city’s website:  

Leander Public Library will be closed to the public on Saturday, June 15. While one of the library conference rooms will remain accessible to participants of the Drag Queen Story Time private event, ticket reservations through Open Cathedral are required for guest participation.

On event day, the city will designate areas near the library and manage resources to allow for peaceful assembly outdoors, and vehicle parking will be available in the field just north of library grounds.

This weekend, the event went forward, but not without up to 200 protesters voicing their objection.

The Statesman reported:

A crowd of about 200 supporters and protesters, some yelling over loudspeakers and others banging drums, gathered Saturday afternoon outside the Leander Public Library, where a “Family Pride Festival and Story Time” organized for LGBTQ families took place.

Some like Eric Love, came from as far away as Atlanta to participate in the first protest that police could remember in 16 years in Leander. “Repent and be born again,” Love yelled through a loudspeaker, directing his comments at supporters of the private event that took place inside a library meeting room.

The city went to great lengths to make sure this event went forward.

Demonstrators from both sides flock to Leander, Texas library during 'Family Pride Story Time'

Barriers ran between demonstrators from both sides during during 'Family Pride Story Time' in Leander, Texas to avoid any dangerous confrontation.STORY: https://bit.ly/2KSD6K8

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Sunday, June 16, 2019

As reported by KXAN last week:

Staff members from the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the library director, will also be on hand to open the library to the Drag Queen Story Time attendees. The city will still pay library staff members despite closing the library to the public that day.

The Open Cathedral church in Leander stepped in last month and rented a room at the Leander Public Library to host Drag Queen Story Time when the city decided to cancel its own event. The church is requiring tickets for any families who’d like to attend with their children, but they’re all sold out. The event page states that people or groups without children cannot come into the event.

Ironically, they likely only required attendants bring a child in a to avoid random creepy adults being around the children, but the event was organized to let random creepy men who like to dress up like women read to the children in the first place.

“They’re a little worried about some of the negative tone with this,” Anna Smith said to KXAN about her kids and the potential protests, “but they know I’m not going to put them in a situation that’s going to affect them. We’re here to read a story, to listen to a story and connect with people in our community who believe in what we believe in.”

This mom said she is “not going to put them in a situation that’s going to affect them.” Grown men dressed as women in sexualized costumes and makeup reading storybooks is not going to “affect them”? What a sad, misguided thought process.

We are so glad that those concerned about the values being conveyed to these children were there to voice their objection!


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