Leander, TX City Council Passes New Proposals to Stop Drag Queen Story Hour


We are excited to announce another victory in the fight against the indoctrination of innocent children at Drag Queen Story Hour events!

As we have previously reported, the Leander, Texas public library ended up canceling a DQSH event back in June when hundreds of concerned parents and residents showed up in protest. The event was revived, however, after a local pro-LGBT church stepped in and offered their facilities for the event.

Now, the Leander City Council has taken action to prevent future DQSH events at the public library by restricting the use of library meeting rooms to city departments in their official capacities. 

MassResistance reports:

MassResistance notches another victory in the battle against “Drag Queens” targeting young children in public libraries!

On August 15, The Leander, Texas, City Council voted 5-2 to stop renting out their public library meeting rooms to outside organizations. The Council also voted 6-1 to require background checks for guest presenters for programs in the library involving children 17 and younger. By all accounts, these policy changes will completely stop the “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in the public library.

Both of these moves are a direct result of Texas MassResistance activism targeting the “Drag Queen Story Hour” events at the Leander Public Library this year – a story which ultimately made national news.

You can read more about the specifics of this situation at the MassResistance website. 

The other proposal the city council voted to pass require background checks for anyone involved with events for children 17 years old and younger. Why this isn’t a basic stipulation at every public library across the country is baffling, especially in light of the number of sex offenders who have participated in drag queen events at libraries who have only been exposed after the fact. There is no justifiable reason why registered sex offenders, let along cross-dressing ones, should be allowed anywhere near children.

It’s so encouraging to see so many victories in this battle against sexual perversion and the indoctrination of children. If we are ever going to affect change for good, we have to persist and consistently push back against the LGBT’s efforts to take over all aspects of society. 

As MassResistance noted, the Leander Library has scheduled its own “Pride Storytime” for Oct. 12. There will be no drag queens in attendance and any adults participating will be subject to background checks, but we must not settle for a more sanitized version of the LGBT agenda being pushed on Leander’s children.

For now, the Leander City Council has taken important first steps to protect the community by passing these proposals. Other cities across the country have also been considering similar proposals and we can only hope that more and more local government officials will hear what the majority of their constituents are saying and make these common-sense policy changes.

You can make your voice heard by signing our petition to tell the American Library Association to stop Drag Queen Story Hours. There is no place for Drag Queen Story Hour in America. The time to take action is now!


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