Lecrae Opens Up About His Experience With Sexual Abuse and Shares Powerful Warning


Both in Hollywood and beyond, are coming forward to share their stories of sexual assault with the #MeToo hashtag on social media. This follows the allegations from over 40 women that Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed and assaulted them.

Grammy-award winning Christian rapper Lecrae recently opened up about his own experience with sexual abuse that he says opened him up to a world of perversion that no child should know of.

The Christian Post reported on a conversation he had with VLAD TV in which he shared that as a 7-year-old, he was molested by his older female babysitter. He said that while the tendency is for many men to be proud of losing their innocence at this age, they shouldn’t be.

“It’s a crime, it’s unfortunate no matter what boy or girl!” he said. “I think for guys it’s like we pat ourselves on the back like, ‘Yeah that happened to me,’ because we just look at it like we got our opportunity at an early age.”

“It opened me up to some stuff that it shouldn’t have. At 7 years old, you’re supposed to be playing with Ninja Turtles, it just opened me up to an appetite that I shouldn’t have had that early,” he added, explaining he began having sexual contact with girls his age as young as 10.

He says the world has gotten far too used to this kind of behavior from children, and that this is a very big problem.

“Most people think, ‘That’s just normal, that’s what everybody’s doing in the neighborhood,’ but that don’t make it right!” he maintained. “That don’t make it legit just because it’s normal. We all got beat with water hoses, we all got socked out by uncles, but that don’t necessarily make it right.”

“It just opened me up to a world that I shouldn’t have had to experience,” he repeated.

Lecrae first broke his silence about this abuse in his book, Unashamed, which was released last year. During an interview about the book, he was asked what the hardest thing about writing the book was, to which he responded, “Just rehashing being molested as a kid, having the babysitter molest me. Not so much for me to live back through but to have her stuff out there like that too. You know this is somebody that I still know ’til this day.”

“We haven’t even had a convo about it but it’s right here [points to head]. It’s been affecting me my whole life, it’s been impacting me,” he continued. “I haven’t talked to her because she was such an intricate connection to our family and I think a lot of times, specifically black communities, we bury stuff. So it’s like your situation and your stories always seemed to be lesser or not a big deal. So for a long time, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal and it really wasn’t until I got older did I realize the type of effect it had on me.”

A sad story but a vital message: sexual contact with children is abuse, and it is a crime. How many more victims are there out there, afraid to speak out because they still know their abusers?

It’s very important that women are able to speak out as survivors of sexual assault, but don’t forget the little ones, either, whose entire lives are often shaped by these crimes.