Leftist College Offers To Pay Students To Become Social Justice Warriors

Good news SJWs that are interested in pursuing a college degree! You can now kill two birds with one stone and earn some extra cash while pursuing your passions.


Students attending Kalamazoo College – which actually paid for students to travel to the Women’s March on Washington – can earn up to $1,500 if they protest social justice issues. Yes, really.

As the Independent Journal Review (IJR) shares, “the school is now granting students anywhere from $50 to $1,500 for social justice warriors to attend protests, trainings, conferences, and rallies.”

The school dubs the grant as a “Social Justice Leadership Fund.”

It’s intended to “provide opportunities to learn about a variety of social justice and human rights issues, develop new skills in organizing and leadership, and take action on the issues that prospective applicants care most about,” IJR shares.

Before you worry about left-leaning teachers and administration members being left behind, you can quickly dismiss those fears as being unfounded.

IJR notes that the program will also be open to “faculty and staff who want to engage in ‘social justice work,’ according to the school’s homepage.”

Your really can’t make this stuff up. It’s no secret that leftist institutions of higher learning promote an atmosphere in which students and staff are encouraged to rail against perceived injustices, but this takes it to a whole new level.

This unbelievable initiative from Kalamazoo College essentially instills students with a belief that they should also be paid for protesting things that make them sad. Warping young minds with the concept of ‘safe spaces’ and whatnot apparently isn’t enough.

There will be a very rude awakening for these snowflakes when they enter the real world, and Kalamazoo College is setting them up for even bigger problems that a hug won’t solve. 

Independent Journal Review