Leftist Director Darren Aronofsky’s Ridiculous Theory About Why His Anti-Christian Movie “Mother!” Flopped


Darren Aronofsky, the movie director who has apparently never actually read a Bible and yet continues to make movies that are supposedly about Biblical themes, is now blaming “science deniers” for the massive flop of his grotesque horror film mother!

The movie, which is supposed to somehow both be an allegory for the Bible and for climate change, centers around a couple, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. Bardem’s character is a writer who is suffering from writer’s block, and he and his wife live in a beautiful old house they’re trying to turn into a “paradise” for their future child.

When a man who is a fan of Bardem’s, played by Ed Harris, shows up and starts causing trouble, Lawrence is concerned while Bardem is welcoming and friendly to the fan and lets him stay with them (the characters are apparently nameless). Eventually, Harris’ wife, played by Michelle Pfeifer, shows up as well, and there’s a lot of seemingly inexplicable gore and torture and chaos and sex and destruction.

All this is supposed to not-so-subtly represent how people, particularly God’s “fans” are destroying the planet and God is letting it all happen, as Bardem is meant to represent God, Lawrence is meant to represent “mother” earth, and the mysterious couple is meant to represent evil resource-sucking humans. There is a scene in the preview of several people descending on the house so there is most likely a stab at those of us who are contributing far too much human life to the supposedly over-populated planet, too.

Movies that blatantly attack Christians and undermine the Bible typically do well in Hollywood, but mother! (purposely lower-case, apparently) did incredibly poorly among critics and box office numbers alike. Some critics were even calling it possibly the “worst movie of the century.” The long, horrific, grotesque, tortuous and completely over-the-top drama was apparently far too much for left- and right-wing audiences alike, but that didn’t stop Aronofsky from blaming “science deniers” who simply couldn’t accept his allegory for climate change.

This definitely shows that people are getting fed up with the constant barrage of leftist propaganda coming out of Hollywood. Aronofsky’s awful film Noah was also poorly received by critics and Christian audiences were quick to point out how little Aronofsky seemed to know about the Bible. The creepy and depressing Black Swan wasn’t very political, but it does give good evidence that Aronofsky simply enjoys gore and smut, even if there is no reason for it.

Aronofsky obviously just has a political agenda he chooses to force into his films that takes away from any imagination and creativity they could have. This is the reason audiences are getting bored with Hollywood, no one goes to the movies to be lectured, they go to the movies to be entertained. In decades past, entertainment has been a great conduit for leftist propaganda, but it looks like they are even starting to overplay their hand in that department as well.

Sorry, Darren, better luck with your next attempt at fusing vile horror gore with political propaganda!