Leftist Fanatics Lost Their Minds After ACLU Tweeted This Picture


The ACLU recently kicked off a fire-storm among race-obsessed left-wingers. What caused the calamity? A picture of a toddler.

What caused the hubbub? This tweet:

That’s right. A picture of a toddler, holding an American flag, with a shirt that reads “Free Speech” and a caption saying this is the future they want. (That touch of rainbow fur on the stuffed dog might also represent gay pride, but we should probably refrain from reading too deeply into Twitter symbolism. Sometimes a toy dog is just a toy dog.)

So what raised the ire of some otherwise ACLU supporters? The toddler in the picture is white. Leftwing blogger and self-described “Academic/Writer” Nayasha Junior immediately noticed the little white devil:

Of course, the ACLU wasted no time in tweeting their mea culpa:

Now the ACLU’s sensitivity to any accusation of racism is understandable, considering how left-wingers were already upset with them for supporting the free speech rights of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. The city of Charlottesville wanted to force the rally out of downtown and the ACLU sued on its behalf.

It’s always fun to watch the Left gnaw on its own flesh, but back to the point at hand…

Black supremacists and anti-white racists are so emotionally stunted and so race-obsessed that mere pictures of white toddlers are enough to trigger them.