Left Melts Down Over Lack of “Diversity” On Coronavirus Task Force, But Really Lose It When Team Members Pray


Identity politics is all that matters to those on the left. They prove their obsession with it time and time again with their nonstop, unimaginative criticism of President Trump and his administration. Even amid a world health crisis, the only thing progressive leftists really care about is whether women and minority segments of the population are being properly represented in federal matters.

Since President Trump set his VP Mike Pence over the task force dedicated to combatting the spread of the coronavirus, the left has been nothing but critical. Not of the job they are doing but of who is doing the job.

After Pence tweeted an update on his coronavirus task force, the left took immediate issue with the lack of “diversity” on the team. This qualified and experienced group of older white men have the abilities, intelligence, and resources necessary to combat this current public health threat but it’s apparently offensive since they didn’t invite anyone to join the conversation simply based on their gender identity or color.

What’s really set them on fire, however, is that Pence and his team dared to pray over the coronavirus matter.

So much for tolerance.

Last Wednesday when the vice president shared a photo of his coronavirus task force meeting and was immediately met with criticism from MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

“Today we had a very productive meeting of the White House Coronavirus Taskforce in the Situation Room,” Pence tweeted.

“We placed additional travel restrictions on Iran & we are increasing the travel advisory to level 4, urging Americans not to travel to specific regions in Italy & South Korea.”


“Where are the women?” Ruhle replied, as if meeting the left’s insatiable appetite for diversity ought to be priority number one when fighting a global health emergency.


“Could you dig up one woman at least? Or would ‘Mother’ not allow it?” ultra-left feminist activist Amy Siskind wrote.


But the real vitriol came when a photo of the vice president and his team seeking wisdom and discernment from the Creator of the universe was shared.

“Mike Pence and his coronavirus emergency team praying for a solution. We are so screwed,” New York Times Magazine writer Thomas Chatterton Williams rudely remarked.




This is the current spiritual condition of those on the left. They are so far removed from the understanding of the Lord they not only despise Christians who pray but they openly and publicly mock them.

Leftists hate prayer because they don’t understand it. Their view of God is that He is some magical genie sitting in the clouds randomly granting some people’s wishes but not others. Sadly, they simply just don’t understand the faith behind it.

For those of us that do, however, now is the time to humble ourselves before the Lord and pray for this country, and the world, as our leaders determine the best way to combat the growing public health concerns of the coronavirus. More importantly, however, pray that darkened hearts and blinded eyes will soon be illuminated by the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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