The Lengths This UK Abortion Clinic Goes to Convince Women to Kill Their Babies Will Make You Sick


A UK watchdog group has found that a prominent abortion chain has been going to great lengths to cajole women into killing their babies, even when they have decided against it.

The Care Quality Commission is a group sponsored by the UK Department of Health that exists to regulate health care and social services in England.

They recently released their findings on the massive Marie Stopes abortion charity, which can be compared to Planned Parenthood. Marie Stopes, for whom it is named, is not unlike Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood. Marie Stopes International describes their mission with the motto: “We help women to have children by choice, not chance.”

The findings of the commission’s report indicated the Marie Stopes clinics have been offering financial incentives to employees who talk women into going through with an abortion.

Employee’s of the Marie Stopes Maidstone clinic “told inspectors that their performance was measured against Key Performance Indicators and were concerned that these indicators included ‘Did Not Proceed,'” The Sun reports. “This meant that if a patient decided not to go through with an abortion, this decision would be linked to the staff member’s performance bonus.”

The staff felt that they weren’t providing women with a choice but simply trying to peddle abortions to them.

“They felt that this encouraged staff to ensure that patients underwent abortions,” said the report. “Staff were also concerned that the pressurised environment and linking of KPIs to perfomance bonuses meant that there was a culture that worked against patient choice.”\

It gets worse–much worse:

“Worryingly, minutes from July 2016 show a company-wide focus across all 70 Marie Stopes clinics in the country on phoning patients who had decided against an abortion and offering them another appointment,” The Sun adds.

Not only were these despicable people pressuring employees into pressuring women into abortions, but there was at least one instance of attempted abortion without consent. Last year, inspectors visiting a clinic were forced to intervene after they discovered that the clinic was attempting to perform an abortion on a woman with learning disabilities who did not agree to the operation. 

Not only this, but employees also seemed ill-equipped to provide any kind of protection to their patients, as inspectors also had “serious safeguarding concerns, including a lack of up to date guidance on child sexual exploitation.”

“The safeguarding procedures at MSI Maidstone were not sufficient to protect patients, particularly children, from the risk of abuse,” found Care Quality Commission.


These are shocking revelations but is it really any surprise that people who have no moral qualms about ending a human life in the womb would try to incentivize it and pressure women into performing the operation?

Like so many pro-abortion women, it’s not about choice, it’s about normalizing abortion.

Marie Stopes International issued a response to this report, categorically denying its findings, and saying that “The number of our clients who choose not to go ahead with treatment is not a KPI (key performance indicator) for our staff, and never has been.”

“Treatment”? So ripping a baby from its mother’s womb simply because she does not want to be pregnant (or rather, because the Marie Stopes clinic desperately wants to perform the abortion) is now a “treatment”?

Pregnancy is not an illness, it is the creation of new, precious, and sacred human life.

If you would like to join the effort of Britons to strip Marie Stopes of their license, please visit this link to find out more and support pro-life organizations in the UK! The fight for life is being fought all over the world so let’s show our brothers and sisters we stand behind them!