Lesbian Couple Who Drove SUV Off Cliff Were Starving, Abusing Their Children


It is hard to know where to begin with this absolutely heartbreaking story.

Last week, the news broke that a lesbian couple and their six children had driven off a cliff in Mendocino County, California, to plunge to their death on the rocky ocean coast below.

News quickly spread that one of the children who was in the fatal crash, Devonte Hart, was the very same boy who went viral for an incredibly poignant picture that was taken of him during the 2014 protests in Ferguson, MO.

Devonte’s adopted mothers, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, made a habit of taking Devonte and their five additional adopted children to protests and rallies nationwide and were even called to the stage during a Bernie Sanders rally in 2016.

As the lesbian parents of six African American children, they were clearly quite opinionated about issues the left has dubbed “social justice”.

The story behind this famous photograph is one that clearly now has a very sad end, but it also sends a chilling message about the warped priorities and clearly unstable state of these women.

Police initially deemed the crash an accident, but upon examining the computer of the vehicle that the Hart family was in and the circumstances surrounding the trip they were on when they crashed, it now appears to have very much been an intentional murder-suicide.

Days before the vehicle was found at the bottom of a cliff, neighbors had called CPS after Devonte had come to their door asking for food. The Daily Mail reports:

On Friday, neighbors of Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 39, called CPS to report that their son Devonte had come to their home asking for food every day for a week.

They said Devonte asked them to leave food out in a box for him and said his mothers were ‘punishing’ him by not feeding him.

In 2017, another of the children came to their home at 1:30am asking for their ‘protection’ and claiming the women did not treat her well.

They also said one of the daughters who was 12 looked about seven and had no front teeth.

On Friday, a CPS worker arrived at the home and knocked on the door, according to the neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb, but the Harts never answered.

Instead, they packed up in a hurry and fled with all six kids in their 2003 GMC Sierra truck, they said.

Sadly, and confoundingly, this was not the first incidence of child abuse the couple had been investigated for.

“It was also revealed this week on Wednesday that in 2011, Sarah Hart pleaded guilty to a domestic assault charge in Minnesota,” The Daily Mail reveals. “Her plea led to the dismissal of a charge of malicious punishment of a child, online court records say.”

It has to be noted that when the horrific abuse suffered by the Turpin children was discovered, it was national news. This story, however, which ends with the death and presumed death (three of the children’s bodies have not yet been located) of six children, isn’t being touched by the biased mainstream media.

It is always heartbreaking to see children abused and neglected, but this story meets such a gruesome end one can only mourn the senseless loss of life at the hands of two clearly unstable and unfit individuals.