Video: Lesbian Couple Launches Racist Tirade Against Filipino Family In Grocery Store

Footage making the rounds online shows a lesbian couple launching a racist tirade against a young Filipino man and his mother in a supermarket.


As The Inquirer reports, the incident appears to have begun when the young man burped, prompting ire from the lesbian couple.

“Go back to Filipinoville and get out of our country,” one of the women can be seen telling the boy and his mother in a video the former uploaded to Twitter.

In another clip, the other woman can be seen accusing the boy of “acting like a pig.”

“She don’t call people pigs unless they’re pigs,” the woman who went on the racist rant chimes in.

“You didn’t see what happened,” the mother counters in reference to the burping incident.

“I don’t need to,” the woman fires back. “She’s my wife, you got a problem with her, you go through me.”

Store employees can subsequently be seen getting involved.

Interestingly enough, those videos don’t appear to have gained too much steam online.

As of writing, they haven’t been featured on any prominent news websites. It appears nobody has come forward attempting to dox the lesbian couple to ruin their lives.

The aftermath of this incident is quite different from what happened following last weekend’s chaos in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Liberals decided to play detective en-masse, attempting to identify people photographed at the protest based on the mere assumption of racism.

In one instance, liberals actually ended up falsely identifying one man, posting his home address and private information online.

The man – who works at the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas – was even forced to stay at a colleague’s place amid threats against him and his wife.

Of course, doxxing is illegal; this post is not condoning that in any way. But you have to wonder, why does a pair of lesbians uttering actual bigoted statements on camera get a free pass? Where’s the liberal mob now?

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