Lewd Art Exhibit, Rock Star’s Photoshoot Receive Tens of Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars From Trudeau’s Federal Government


When leftist governments demand more and more taxpayer money, don’t be surprised when they find the most obscenely absurd things on which to spend it.

Such apparently is the case, according to the Post Millennial, of thousands of dollars of public funds given by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration to fund a rock star’s photoshoot, a lewd art exhibit, and more.

Citing documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayer Federation on the Mission Cultural Fund (MCF), the Post Millennial reports that as much as $52,000 was spent to take photos of Canadian rockstar Bryan Adams for an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

“Bryan Adams has plenty of money,” said Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Aaron Wudrick. “I am sure he wouldn’t have noticed if he had to pay for that himself. Artistic endeavors are fine, but is this really a good use of taxpayer money?”

The Post Millennial confirmed Wudrick’s claim, reporting that Adams’ comfortable net worth is estimated to be around $65 million.

This is far from the first time Trudeau’s government has tossed taxpayer dollars at nonsensical artistic endeavors.

Last year, the Taxpayers Federation went on, Toronto-based musician Peaches was given a grant to put on a show titled “Whose Jizz Is This” in Hamburg, Germany.

In a video documenting what is charitably being called an “art show,” Peaches explains the narrative of a sex toy that becomes sentient and is “emancipated.”

“It is based on a double sex toy called the double masturbator which has a mouth on one side with teeth and tongue and on the other side there is a vagina,” the performer, born Merrill Nisker, explained. “They can actually pleasure themselves, they can rewrite the narrative and they don’t need humans.”

For her lewd artistic endeavor, Peaches was given nearly $9,000 of taxpayer money from the Canadian embassy in Berlin.

“I think that I have a unique perspective, I think Canadians have a sense of humour and absurdity and a special intellect, humour and point of view,” Peaches said of how her “artwork” would positively represent Canada to the world.

“That’s going to be a tough sell to a lot of Canadian taxpayers,” said Wudrick of her explanation. “I think a lot of people would scratch their heads as to what this kind of spending has to do with Canada. In what way or taxpayers getting any value? …This government essentially seems to not care and they think people aren’t going to notice the little things. If you can’t keep the spending under control with the little grants, what’s going to happen with multi-billion-dollar programs?”

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