LGBT Activists Invite High School Students to Talk About Sexuality in “Big, Gay, Booth”


If you pay taxes, this is what your money might be going to.

It’s apparently not enough for students to be regularly subject to a carefully curated array of cultural Marxism and graphic “sex ed” in class, it’s apparently very important that adults record students stories about their sexuality in a “big gay booth”–on school grounds.

This is just unbelievably creepy, unreal, and, based on its stated intent, also unrealistic.

Many LGBT activists who promote pro-homosexual educational content in the classrooms, particularly those who wish it to be mandatory, do so with the reasoning that it will result in less children being bullied for being gay.

The idea is that if all children are taught to socially accept homosexuality, they’ll all stop bullying each other, right?

Nevermind that it’s actually socially unacceptable to bully people, but kids are immature and tend to not conform to the conventions of adults. This is why they need to be taught right from wrong, not how to safely sodomize one another, if we want to end what we’re told is an epidemic of bullying.

Not to mention, let’s entirely ignore the fact that as homosexuality becomes more and more socially acceptable, more and more people seem to complain about bullying in the schools.

Funny how that works?

One of the latest efforts to hook children into celebrating and glorifying same-sex attraction is a bizarre campaign in Bay Area high schools to place a “big gay booth” on school grounds for students to share their stories in a dark, quiet place–while being recorded.

Life Site News has the story:

In a recent post on the blog of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the “Beyond Bullying Project” bragged about the success of its latest efforts going into Bay Area public high schools to entice students into private booths to talk about LGBT sexuality.

“Our pitch to would-be storytellers was open-ended,” said the project organizers. “Tell a story about yourself, a friend, your family…the story does not even need to be true.”

The project “collects” the stories on audio and videotape, and claims to have spent time in schools in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Apparently, participating schools welcome the rainbow-festooned booths, even directing their shop classes to build the “curricular, emotional space” for “queerness.” Schools also invite project organizers to make presentations in class.

Bay Area students assisted in decorating the booths with rainbow paper, lights, boas, and chalk drawings. “Everywhere, it screamed gay,” said the organizers.

Apparently, students “enjoyed the freedom” to leave class to visit the booth.

While the organizers were largely satisfied with the success of these booths, they also lamented the fact that every single student didn’t fall in lockstep with the progressive agenda and join in on the “storytelling”:

Apparently, not all students were thrilled with the presence of the booth. Organizers admit that some “seemed to deliberately alter their path through the school so as to avoid meeting our invitations to step inside.”

Imagine that! I’m sure these “researchers” are planning how to better make sure no American school child dares think for themselves next time around.

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