LGBT Community Upset Over the Religious Freedom Granted to Lesbian Witch Cult…Huh?


If you are someone who is of the opinion that biblical morality is the best standard for how one should live their lives, you probably don’t make much of a distinction in your mind between radical feminist lesbian witches and gender-confusion proponents.

On the left, however, if you can call it that, there are some serious lines that have been drawn in the sand between the pro-gender-insanity folks, who believe men can be women and vice-versa, and radical feminists who think that men are bad, even, and especially, when they pretend to be women.

In a way, one can certainly understand why radical lesbian feminists wouldn’t want men crashing their party–that’s at least ideologically consistent, and many conservatives share the criticisms of gender theory that it’s decidedly anti-women to allow men to just pretend to be women if they “feel” like they’re women.

TERFs, or trans-exclusionary radical feminists, are a great thorn in the side of the much more mainstream gender theorists, particularly because when it comes to religious freedom, of the sort that protects Christian bakers from baking cakes for gay weddings, TERFs have far more conservative views on liberty.

Again, as much as I disagree with the way many of these TERFs chose to live their lives, you certainly have to respect their consistency here and their willingness, in the most tribalistic partisan culture in recent memory, to transcend party lines and defend their personal liberty to believe whatever “hateful” thing they want to about the transgender community.

This has come in the form of the P***y Church of Modern Witchcraft, which, Forbes confirms, has succeeded in establishing themselves as a protected religious affiliation.

Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft might strike you as something you would find in the Onion, rather than here on a Forbes tax blog, but it is a real deal.  You can find it on Charity Navigator and Guidestar.  The IRS recognized it as a 501(c)(3)  organization and went the extra step of recognizing PCMW as a church, the most enviable of all tax statuses. exempt not only from income tax but also from the transparency that filing Form 990 creates.  A church does not have to apply for exempt status, but it is a prudent step particularly for an innovative organization like PCMW.  My source indicated that the approval process was reasonably quick and there was no push-back from the IRS.

The fact that the gender theorists are upset about this just speaks to the authoritarian nature of the progressive left. They disapprove of religious freedom because everyone from radical lesbians to conservative Christians has the right to exclude anyone they choose from participating in their organization.

The alternative they propose is that they be the authority on what is just and moral, rather than simply allowing people the freedom to be as “hateful” and “intolerant” as they want to in the name of liberty for all.

This is why radical progressivism can never work in a truly free society.