LGBT Couple Raising Their 8-Year-Old to Be Instagram Drag Queen Sensation, Dancing for Money


This is one of those stories that leaves you simply dumbfounded and clearly demonstrates the dangers of LGBT “parents” and the grooming of children by this perverse “community.”

We’ve frequently reported on the sickening phenomenon of “drag kids,” most notably tween drag kid “Desmond Is Amazing.”

Now, we’ve come across a trail of social media posts from an eight-year-old little boy in Denver, Colorado, who is being raised as a drag kid by his drag queen and transgender parents.

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

The little boy, known only as “Salty” or “Salt Qween,” has been dressing in drag since 2015 when he was just four years old.

Who in their right mind would do this to such a young child? His parents, “Lala” Shears and “Colter” Armstrong:

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At first, you might be reasonably enraged to find that a pair of gay men are “raising” and grooming their little boy to be a drag queen. That is, of course, until you realize that “Colter,” (right) is a biological woman who fully identifies as a man.

“I identify as a binary transgender man when asked in a safe space (I transitioned to become a man, to present as a man, and am comfortable in my masculinity,” Armstrong writes in a “coming out” story on Facebook commemorating her fifth year on testosterone. “My femininity has been trained out of me, myself, for 5 years). When it comes down to it, I identify as a man. I am a man.”

It is heartbreaking enough that a girl would destroy her body so irreparably, to say nothing of the child she now raises alongside Shears.

We know very little about Shears, beyond the fact that he’s a drag queen and on that basis alone should be kept away from children in any rational society.

“Salty,” however, is quite active on social media, using an account managed by his unidentified “Bio Mom,” and his posts are utterly heartbreaking.

Clearly, this poor child has had an incredibly confusing upbringing from the beginning.

His birth mother and father “co-parent” him alongside Armstrong, which in this case means his mother proudly goes along with her son being feminized and paraded around like a sideshow act:

A very lucrative sideshow act, it seems:

“Salty” even participated in an all-ages drag show in Denver last year that attracted massive protests and presence from Antifa thugs in defense of the sick show.

Watch “Salty’s” performance at the drag kid show, in which he scoops up wads of dollar bills from audience members:

While “Salty” has a considerably more low-key public presence than fellow drag-kid “Desmond is Amazing,” there is plenty enough to see and weep over.

This is the natural result of normalizing LGBT “families,” blurring biological gender, and grooming children to embrace sexually perverse “art” like drag.

While “Salty” and his family celebrate their lifestyle with pride, we will weep for them, pray for them, and fight the insidious agenda they represent with everything we’ve got.

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