LGBT-Only Housing Approved By Georgetown Univeristy

A group of marchers walk at the Pride parade in San Francisco, Sunday, June 25, 2017. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

For decades, the far left radicals who have slowly infiltrated our culture fought relentlessly for “gay rights” — apparently unaware that due to the Constitution, gays already had rights, they just couldn’t marry the same-sex, just like everyone else — until finally, after many years, they wore down those in position of authority and got their wish: same-sex marriage.

One would think that fighting for equality would mean that they simply want to be treated like everyone else, not better than others, not worse, but the same. This is what African-Americans fought for in the Civil Rights movement. The right to be treated equally as people, to be united with every other citizen and afforded the same opportunities, to be able to sit next to white people in schools and that sort of thing.

And yet, ironically, after the LGBTQ community got what they wanted, they’re now working toward segregating themselves away from the population. Confused? You should be. It doesn’t make sense to fight for equality, to be considered a normal part of society no different than anyone else, and then separate yourself from the larger culture.

Which is what is happening at Georgetown University where LGBT-only housing has now been approved.

LifeSiteNews has more details:

In a startling move for a university that claims to be Catholic, Jesuit-run Georgetown University announced this week that it will offer LGBT-only campus housing.

Perhaps more startling, the university claims the move is based on “Jesuit values.”

Located in the tony Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, GU is about as old as the nation itself. Founded in 1789, the institution boasts a long and illustrious history, which in recent decades has given way to controversy as it has become not only secularized but in some ways anti-Catholic.

The proposal for “‘The “Crossroads: Gender and Sexuality’ Living Learning Community (LLC) was initially rejected by the Office of Residential Life in April,” reports Campus Reform, which broke the story, “but was subsequently approved in December.”

According to the Campus Reform report, associate director of residential education Katie Heather “informed student Grace Smith, a leader of the LLC effort, that her proposal has ‘been approved and accepted for the 2018-2019 academic year.’”

Vice president of student affairs Todd Olson said the LGBT campus housing “will provide a community space for discussion on gender and inclusion while upholding the Jesuit values of community in diversity and educating the whole person.”

So a Catholic university is now capitulating to the whims of the LGBTQ community and further abandoning the tenets of the faith regarding sexuality?

In today’s climate this is hardly surprising, but still manages to be disappointing.

This isn’t the first time the school has been accused of abandoning its principles. Back in 2014, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia reported that Georgetown, his former alma matter, was “not Catholic anymore.”

Still, the hypocrisy of the LGBTQ community wanting to segregate themselves away from the general population while complaining about being denied services when Christians won’t make their wedding cakes is put on full display by this sort of measure.