LGBTQ Activists File Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Trump Over Transgender Military Ban

LGBTQ activist groups are trying to sue the president over his transgender military ban.


These liberal activists seem to think that entertaining their perverted agenda is more important than the safety and wellbeing of our troops.

The fact is – as even former members of the LGBTQ community have pointed out – gender reassignment surgery, hormones, and the other things necessary to “transition” are quite costly, burdensome and not what the military was intended for.

Still, lawyers from GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders and National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) on behalf of five anonymous transgender service members.

The Lawsuit, Doe v. Trump, actually sues the president of the United States for his decision to keep transgenders out of the military.

These are the things the group is demanding from the President, according to GLAD’s release:

1. Issue a declaratory judgment that the President’s directive to categorically exclude transgender people from military service is unconstitutional;
2. Issue a preliminary injunction prohibiting the categorical exclusion of transgender people from military service;
3. Issue a permanent injunction prohibiting the categorical exclusion of transgender people from military service;
4. Award Plaintiffs their reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees;
5. Issue any other relief the Court deems appropriate.

So, the attorneys want Trump to pay their fee once they’re done forcing their values down the throats of the American military.

Transgenders weren’t allowed to serve in the military for that long before Trump got into office.

According to GLAD’s own press release, the Department of Defense started allowing transgender service members starting in 2016.

Now, the president is trying to fix the military before it’s too late, much to the chagrin of LGBT groups.

GLAD and NCLR called Trump’s transgender ban “senseless” on Twitter.

Many people on Twitter think the lawsuit is silly.