LGBTQI Sex Education Push Begins in Australia, Just One Day After Gay Marriage Vote


The battle to safeguard the institution of marriage is not one that’s unique to America, though we rarely hear on the news about the war being waged on traditional values by radical leftists in other countries.

Australia has been in the thick of this fight for a little while now, and just like here in the United States, Christians and liberty lovers who opposed the redefinition of marriage were labeled as bigots, haters, and all sorts of nasty things, by those desperate to further abandon God’s good design for humanity.

What’s worse is that groups like the Coalition for Marriage were brutally mocked and laughed at — much like Christians here — when they created a video that raised concerns about how children would be forced to take LGBTQI sex education if the Dean Smith bill was passed.

You know how leftists are whenever someone brings up the “slippery slope.” They chuckle scornfully, call you ridiculous, and then suddenly disappear when the further slide into debauchery previously predicted comes to pass.

Here’s a look at the video from CFM:

Well, the group must be feeling rather vindicated today as what they predicted would happen next is coming to fruition.

Leftists have begun a heavy push for this kind of sex ed in schools barely a day after the vote on marriage.

Melissa Kang of SBS writes:

Australia voted in favour of equality. The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever. LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education should embrace diversity in the classroom, the staff-room and in whole-of-school policies.

LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education reduces negative stereotypes and biases, creating a safer school environment for LGBTQI+ students. When schools adopt inclusive policies across all school curricula (not just sexuality education), all students feel safer.

Australian Conservatives took to social media to respond saying, “It took less than a day after marriage was redefined, and the push is on for Safe Schools. So, not a red herring after all — real consequences for families and children that the parliamentary majority ignored.”

Mankind may try their hardest to ignore God, to stick their fingers in their ears and wag their tongues like spoiled children attempting to drown out the voice of his parents, but the bottom line is, God is the sovereign King of the universe, and only He gets to decide what marriage, an institution He created, looks like.

We can say all day long that two people of the same-sex can get married. We can even pass man-made laws that agree with that statement. But no matter how you slice the pie, marriage is only between one man and one woman. Period.

Anything else is a cheap imitation, a fraud, a fake.

Leftists aren’t simply out to level the playing field by making “equal rights” for homosexuals. They want to create future generations of folk dependent on the government, in love with the state, citizens who view those in power as a surrogate parent.

This is why any further push of the liberal agenda is always accompanied by indoctrination of a nation’s youth.

We must continue to stand up boldly for traditional, biblically defined marriage and pray that God would bless those efforts.