Liberal Atheist Comedian Ricky Gervais Speaks Out Against “Jessica Yaniv” In Brazilian Waxing Controversy


Warning: This article contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

As the saga of Jonathan Yaniv, a biological male who calls himself “Jessica,” unfolds, some rather surprising individuals are speaking out against this prime specimen of “transanity.”

British comedian Ricky Gervais, best known for his co-creation of The Office (UK) as well as his outspoken views as a liberal atheist, is certainly not a friend to many of the causes we at Activist Mommy promote and fight for.

However, when it comes to the mind-boggling Yaniv case, even stalwart liberals like Gervais are simply stunned that the right of women to refuse to perform a Brazilian wax on an intact, biological male is up for debate in a high Canadian court.

In a handful of tweets (that we’ve taken the liberty of cleaning up a bit), Gervais expressed his sincere disappointment with the state of the LGBT movement in the best way he possibly could: with irreverent humor.

Yaniv’s human rights case was also mocked by the satirical anonymous Twitter user “Titania McGrath.”

In a response to McGrath, Gervais tweeted:

Gervais also responded to criticism that his previous tweet regarding Yaniv revealed that he is a bigoted “transphobe.”

Sometimes, a situation is so mind-numbingly absurd, the only thing to do is to respond in kind, a task Gervais is certainly equal to:

Although a recent interview with Alex Jones reveals that Yaniv believes there is a crucial distinction between a “Brazilian” wax and a bikini wax that constitutes an important part of his human rights complaint (?!) and will apparently be bringing along an “expert witness” to corroborate that claim (?!?!), the facts are clear

Unless they specifically cater to men (and men who think they’re women), no esthetician should be forced to perform any kind of procedure if they are not comfortable doing so.

Call it a Brazilian wax, call it a bikini wax, call it a Volkswagen, call it what you want—nomenclature doesn’t change the fact that Yaniv wants to use the power of the state to force women to touch his genitalia.

Gervais has demonstrated that he is one leftist who hasn’t completely abandoned his ability to critique the agenda of his fellow liberals, and for that we commend him.

Until Mr. Yaniv is finally treated like the predator he is, consider Mr. Gervais’ tweets a public service (albeit a very vulgar one).


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