Liberal Author Getting Roasted and Ostracized For Stating The Obvious: Children Need Mothers


While we Christians affirm that women are designed to care for and nurture their children, you don’t have to be a Biblical creationist to see that mothers are perfectly fit to care for their babies.

Nature affirms this as well, it’s basic common sense. Female humans are equipped with wombs, mammary glands, and the intense drive to keep their babies alive. As humans have a distinctly long infancy for mammals, even evolutionary theory acknowledges that the care of the mother is crucial for the survival of the species. It’s basic common sense.

Unless you are a leftist in the post-second-wave feminist world, of course.

The left has been determined to convince themselves and everyone else that a woman’s value ought to be in the boardroom of a successful company, the podium of a lecture hall, or on the stage at a rally attended by thousands of women in vagina hats.

As they claim to represent women and demand that the value of women everywhere is recognized, they have done the opposite by carefully dismantling the most valuable role a woman has in society: that of a mother.

They have achieved this using many methods, but one of the most notable ways they have demoted the status of mothers is by culturally and politically encouraging, normalizing, and subsidizing childcare for small children.

So it is no surprise that they are in complete denial of the fact that one of their own, a successful, Upper West Side Manhattan psychoanalyst, has released a research-based book with a very simple topic: the importance of mothers caring for their own children.

Erica Komisar’s book, Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters, breaks down the scientific reasons why a child’s biological mother is more equipped than anyone else, including dads, grandparents, nannies, and early childhood educators to care for infants and toddlers.

Wow, science supports what anyone with half a brain and a basic observation of biological reality could ascertain? Go figure.

Sadly, much of the power players in the perpetuation of America’s mainstream narrative do not seem to have half a brain and a basic ability to observe biological reality. While Christians and conservatives have been happy to give Komisar’s book exposure and press, liberals won’t even give her the time of day, she told the Wall Street Journal. 

“Christian radio stations ‘interviewed me and loved me,’ she says. She went on ‘Fox & Friends,’ and ‘the host was like, your book is the best thing since the invention of the refrigerator.’ But ‘I couldn’t get on NPR,’ and ‘I was rejected wholesale—particularly in New York—by the liberal press.’ She did appear on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ but seconds before the camera went live, she says, the interviewer told her: ‘I don’t believe in the premise of your book at all. I don’t like your book.’”

Kosimar isn’t exactly a staunch conservative or proponent of traditional families, in fact, she considers herself to be a political liberal. She is simply intellectually honest enough to put the aim of her career, to help people become better parents, above identity politics and report the facts.

“Guilt is a signal feeling,” she says, writing in her book that when women are feeling guilty for not being home with their children, it shouldn’t be ignored. “Too often, mothers are putting their work and their own needs ahead of their children’s.”

In her own practice as licensed clinical social worker and psychoanalyst, she could not deny a noticeable correlation between many childhood challenges and the role a mother was playing in their child’s life.

“What I was seeing was an increase in children being diagnosed with ADHD and an increase in aggression in children, particularly in little boys, and an increase in depression in little girls,” she told the Journal. “The absence of mothers in children’s lives on a daily basis was what I saw to be one of the triggers for these mental disorders.”

This is just so heartbreaking! The natural urge mothers have to stay at home with their children is just that, natural. It is not oppressive to culturally promote women staying at home, it is simply in their child’s best interest! People have known this since the creation of man, and it is psychotic that an entire group of people are determined to change this gut instinct of mothers everywhere, and to bury anyone who threatens their narrative!

I would definitely recommend putting this book on your reading list!