Liberals Demand Removal Of NYC Subway Pattern After Mistaking It For A Confederate Flag

America is suffering under the tyranny of the aggrieved. And when social justice warriors get offended by something, no expense must be spared to placate their ignorance.


The latest outrage? Tiles in a subway station. In New York City, the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) is planning to “modify” tiles in the Times Square station because people have complained look like Confederate Flags.

Although the tile pattern has been in that station for almost 100 years in a statement to Fox 5 News the MTA says: “These are not confederate flags, it is a design based on geometric forms that represent the Crossroads of the World and to avoid absolutely any confusion we will modify them to make that absolutely crystal clear.”

To avoid absolutely any confusion? That is a high bar to set to accommodate the level of ignorance and self-righteousness on the left.

It is only a matter of time before antifa mobs start vandalizing the Norwegian embassy whose flag also bears a striking resemblance to the Confederate Flag. And after all, Norway is populated by suspiciously large majority of white people.

Where will it end?

Fox 5 News