Liberals Shamelessly Mock Prayer Following Devastating Church Shooting in Texas


Warning: post contains explicit language from liberals with no basic decency. 

You can always count on liberals to be absolutely abhorrently shameful following a mass shooting. Whether they are instantly calling for gun control or taking the opportunity to pontificate about how “God could have prevented this” (and most commonly, both) they always prove how little regard they have for human life and the families of the victims by making horrific tragedies all about them.

So, it comes as no surprise that narcissistic, identity-driven liberals took to Twitter mere hours after the news broke that 26 people had been killed in a brutal shooting in the sleepy town of Sutherland Springs, Texas during services at the First Baptist Church.

Rather than take one moment to respect the dead and wait for details of the killings to emerge, idle leftists instead began Tweeting:

Actor Will Wheaton had to backtrack and apologize after his angry tweet aimed at Paul Ryan, who asked for prayers for the people of Sutherland Springs.

Movie critic Anthony Olivera also bashed Ryan’s kind words:

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca took it upon herself to mock Ted Cruz’s expression of prayer and gratitude for the first responders. But what do you expect from someone who works for a publication more interested in teaching children how to safely sodomize one another than basic manners and decency.

Author Steven King hit the grieving faith community hard with the double-whammy of mocking not only people of faith, but Southerners:

Max Boot, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a supposed right-wing critic of the Trump administration, also spoke scathingly of those sending “thoughts and prayers.”

It is absolutely abhorrent that these people would just bulldoze right over the very appropriate words of these Christian politicians to insert their own profanity-laced agenda. They fail completely to see the irony that simply saying “more gun control now!” isn’t going to bring the deceased back either, and, even more obvious, that murder is already illegal in the first place.

It is completely impossible to ban evil, and the man who shot up that church yesterday morning had no respect for or regard for the law.

It is completely legal to rent a pickup truck and drive it around Manhattan. And yet, less than a week ago, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov used his rented pickup truck to murder eight people in Manhattan, a place that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, by the way.

Liberals can mock our prayers all they want to, we know that prayer works and that the grieving community Sutherland Springs is absolutely in need of ours. Please keep everyone affected by the tragedy in your prayers today as we mourn with those who mourn.