Liberals Thrilled About Suicide of Rep. Dan Johnson, Say Roy Moore Should Do The Same


Liberals really enjoy talking a lot about love, tolerance, acceptance, and how much they hate bullying, but when it comes to putting those principles into practice, they fall painfully short of their own standard.

A good case in point is how the left has reacted to Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson’s suicide, after he was put under investigation for allegedly molesting a 17-year-old girl.

Rather than think of such a scenario as tragic, which any normal, decent human being would do, they took to the Internet to celebrate, because they’ve automatically assumed without a proper, complete investigation or trial, the man is guilty.

Here’s a few samples of the madness:

What’s even more disgusting is that one person actually suggested “Roy Moore follow his example.”

The Daily Wire has more details:

The accusations against Johnson were gross, that he woke his daughter’s friend during a sleepover in 2013 and forced himself on her, slipping his hands under her shirt and bra and putting his fingers in her vagina, according to The Washington Post. There were other troubling reports uncovered by a local media investigation into Johnson, including other charges of sexual abuse, arson and false testimony.

Horrible things, if true. But Johnson was just 57, with five children and nine grandchildren — “two in tummies,” he said in his suicide note. Johnson surely should have had his day in court to face all charges and, if found guilty, been given a suitable punishment.

Here are a few more tweets just so you can get a clear picture of how little the left actually cares about due process and the principle of being innocent until proven guilty.

Amazing how quickly all that talk of decency and tolerance gets chucked out the window.

What the situation with Roy Moore and Rep. Dan Johnson is teaching us is that all it takes to ruin your life, your career, your aspirations, is for someone to make allegations of sexual harassment or assault, true or not. We no longer wait for evidence to be collected and for a trial to take place before rendering our verdict.

Instead we try people in the court of public opinion, on social media, without having all the evidence needed to render a fair judgment.

How would liberals feel if someone on the right gloated at a Democratic politician’s suicide? They were would be a whole lot of outrage, and that’s exactly the correct response. Suicide, death, or murder in any form is not a laughing matter, especially when it’s caused by allegations yet to be proven in a court of law.

The left, thanks to this situation and the incident with Moore losing the election, is now setting a precedent, creating another tool in the toolbox for left-wingers to toss out to try stopping conservative candidates from winning elections.

In short, this abandonment of a core principle of the American judicial system — innocent until proven guilty — leaves open the door for all kinds of future abuses using the “false allegations” technique.

This is why we need to keep fighting the good fight and praying that common sense and biblical principles restore some sanity in this country before it’s too late.