How Liberals Use Columbus Day to Confirm Their Own Narrative and Push Lies


Ah, Columbus Day. As many of us are taking a day off from work and relaxing to be with friends and family, maybe taking part in a local parade liberals are getting to work. After all, this is one of the two biggest days of the year for a fruitful virtue signaling harvest!

It’s an American tradition! Every year, when we remember the first Westerner to land on North American soil, liberals go to great lengths to pretend they care desperately about the plight of the Native Americans every other day of the year as well, and most importantly, that anyone who disagrees with them personally slaughtered and enslaved the Natives themselves.

And since it’s 2017 and everyone is offended by statues now, Antifa is making sure to mark this years’ Columbus Day festivities by calling for mass vandalism of Christoper Columbus statues. The colors, I hear, have been quite festive.

There are a lot of narratives, some loosely based on real history, that depict Columbus as a tyrant and a murderer. These are the most common terms used to describe him by anyone who wants to use this day to elevate their moral standing in the continent he discovered.

However, while these narratives are easily and quickly debunked, it would take wanting to know the truth about Columbus rather than have your narrative confirmed to figure this out. Most leftists will see the memes, videos, and articles from their favorite “woke” information outlet and pat themselves on the back for being edgy enough to repeat what literally every other leftist always whines about on these near-ruined holidays.

Speaking of ruining things and “woke” information outlets, here is one shining example from “Adam Ruins Everything”:

While these myths about Columbus have been circulated by liberals since Howard Zinn first published his leftist history manifesto, The People’s History of the United States, there is no doubt that Adam’s fans will lap this up. Not because they haven’t heard this perspective of Columbus before, but because they have such a raging case of confirmation bias they wouldn’t know objective facts if they smacked them upside their dyed-blue heads.

And that truly is the bottom line: liberals push this particular narrative of Columbus not because they hate him, but because they hate America. It is a classic example of cultural Marxism and racism. Because the natives that were here in the US before the Europeans were brown, they were automatically more virtuous.

Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire sets the record straight about Christopher Columbus once and for all in this excellent video which explains that Columbus went to great lengths to maintain peace with the natives, was opposed to slavery, and that the vast majority of slanderous claims about him her made by his chief political rival.

The left loves to paint the picture that Colombus simply showed up on American soil and began raping, pillaging, and enslaving. They also ignore several hundreds of years of history and overlapping geopolitical circumstances and pretty much directly blame him for the injustices committed against the Native Americans in the United States and often just throw in the West African slave trade as well for good measure.

However, they make little mention of the quality of life for the Native Americans, both in the Caribbean and what would later become the U.S. Columbus and the early Spanish settlers would encounter warring, violent, cannibalistic tribes, while in the North American continent, Native Americans colonized and decimated one another’s tribes and land as well.

European governments and people groups have certainly committed atrocious acts against Native populations in the Americas and elsewhere.  But it is entirely disingenuous to continually attribute a wholly immoral negative to all the early settlers and colonizers of the Americas, particularly when many of the native tribes were far more barbaric and oppressive when left to their own devices.

The fact of the matter is, these whiny privileged liberals happen to be living in the most unique and liberal country that has ever existed in the entire span of human history, and they complain about one of the men who paved the way. America has dramatically changed the

Christopher Columbus’ discovery economically revitalized Europe and made the future United States possible. Where else would these leftists have been able to live the way they live, pretending there are two genders, tweeting about how oppressed they are on iPhones, and claiming to live in a rape culture when their government recognizes their natural right to self-defense?

I wonder how well the cannibalistic Caribs would have taken to being lectured on intersectional politics.