Little Girl Reacts to Leftist Sex Ed Program, Says ‘Mommy, I Don’t Want To Be A Boy’


There is a battle being waged in the public school system, both here in America and abroad, over radical left-wing, pro-LGBT sex education curriculum that is being used by progressives to brainwash kids into accepting homosexual practice as not only normal, but encouraged.

Canada is in the midst of a big fight over this very topic right now, as a sex ed program being pushed by LGBT advocates is finding its way into classrooms, leaving parents concerned the lessons will leave their children confused.

Those responsible for putting the material together and teaching it, however, say the lessons are geared toward helping students become their “true selves.”

Certainly sounds as if they are encouraging kids to be homosexual, doesn’t it?

CBN News has more details:

It’s called Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification, or SOGI, a curriculum that teaches public school students across Canada to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle and that gender is fluid. In other words, your gender is not dependent on what parts you were born with but rather what you feel like in the moment.

One female teacher in Canada told her young class, “There are people who are boys, there are people who are girls, there are people whose gender might be a little bit of both or might even be neither.”

Lessons include books about transgender children, such as 10,000 Dresses, and songs like “The Rainbow Song,” which includes the line, “Gender won’t decide the choices we make. Some boys like dressing up; some girls like catching snakes.”

Tyler Thompson, an author and inspirational speaker says, among other things, SOGI mandates children as young as kindergarten age be told they can be a different gender than their actual one.

“And we are seeing the results of that now because some kids are reacting very emotionally and saying, and they’re in fear, will I suddenly struggle with feeling like a different gender inside of my body?”, Tyler Thompson said.

Kids today are now being taught that all of the wonderful things about being a man, such as being a strong provider and protector are somehow wrong, and that everything that makes being female a beautiful gift from God has been vilified by progressives.

To make matters worse, in Canada, parental rights are extremely limited by the government, so intervening on behalf of a child to protect them from being exposed to this sort of nonsense is incredibly difficult.

This, of course, is a page ripped directly out of the progressive playbook. It’s always been the plan to usurp authority from the sphere of the family and place it in the hands of the government, to replace parents with the state, creating generations of people loyal to the government as their family.

If you don’t think this sort of teaching is harmful to children, check out the reaction from this child:

“And this little girl came home in tears because the teacher had told her that she was playing with some toys in the class that were deemed to be masculine in nature; that she was likely a boy in a girl’s body,” Cavanaugh said. “She came home in tears and said ‘Mommy, Mommy – I don’t want to be a boy! The mother went to the school the very next day and instead of having any tolerance or support or understanding, she was actually called names, she was told she was a homophobe, a bigot,” Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh said.

We’re already seeing this sort of thing widespread here in the United States too. It’s only a matter of time before the government seeks the same restrictions on parental rights as Canada possesses, replacing mom and dad with Uncle Sam.

This is precisely why fighting against this sort of indoctrination and by working to restore control over education back to parents and local communities is so critical. If something isn’t done soon, our children will pay a hefty price for the liberal agenda being pushed in our schools.