Live Action Banned From Twitter Advertising; This is How They’re Fighting Back


Earlier this month, Twitter banned pro-life group Live Action from advertising on the social network, for supposedly “sensitive content” in their ads.

They claimed that Live Action’s messages were unscientific and “misleading.” Among these “sensitive” and “misleading” advertisements were ultrasound images of unborn babies, the unborn babies that Live Action is committed to saving.

Now, they’re fighting back.

Live Action’s lawyers have published a letter in which they allege that “the social media platform wrongly applied its policies to censor advertisements that contain ultrasound images of fetuses, promote or link to its secret recordings, and oppose federal funding of Planned Parenthood.”

Originally, Twitter demanded they remove all “objectionable” content from their Twitter feed and website if they wished to advertise with them.

“This wasn’t about one issue with one aspect with one ad,” founder Lila Rose told the Washington Post. “This was about the entirety of our message, from ultrasound images of life in the womb to criticism of abortion facilities.”

“The heart of Twitter’s self-named purpose is to ‘give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers,’” she added. “They are completely violating that.”

The guidelines that Twitter claims Live Action would be violating in their proposed advertisements prohibit “inflammatory or provocative content which is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.”

While Twitter is a private business that has the right to censor information that doesn’t suit their agenda all they want, the Daily Wire points out that Live Action has a point in calling them out for unfairly censoring them.

“Twitter operates as a conversation mechanism for millions of people, and at some point it stops being merely a fun social media tool, and becomes a means of public communication, not dissimilar from a television network,” writer Emily Zanotti explains.

There is no denying that Twitter is offended by Live Action because they broadcast a message that does not fit their agenda.

Live Action’s content certainly does evoke a strong negative reaction–towards abortion. The fact that Twitter would work so hard to prevent images and messages that shed light into the horrors of abortion and the reality that it is murder is quite damning of the values of the social network.

This is what it takes to repress the very real information that fetuses are living human beings. Leftists can talk and reason all they want but the pictures Live Action wants to pay Twitter to circulate are worth significantly more than a thousand words.

Live Action might not be able to save the 59 million lives that have been lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade, but they just might be able to save 59 million more that are threatened by abortion.

Pray for these warriors for life as they face up against the biased social media giant.