London Blocking Pro-Life People From Providing Abortion Alternatives Outside Clinics


The sanctity of life has been under attack for quite some time now, but it seems like the battle is getting tougher and tougher, especially as the government gets more power and seeks to silence those who oppose the murder of children.

While these kind of offenses on free speech are becoming more and more common, what’s happening to those who are fighting abortion at the ground level in London is taking things to the next level, and seeing as how progressives in America draw lots of inspiration from Europe, this is scary.

Apparently, London has banned free speech for pro-life folks who are providing alternatives to abortion outside of local clinics.

LifeNews is reporting:

The London Assembly has today passed a motion attacking peaceful pro-life vigils in front of abortion clinics. The motion, proposed by Labour member Fiona Twycross, “asks the Mayor to clarify the powers available to the MPS to arrest and prosecute anti-choice campaigners who resort to obstruction, intimidation and harassment, so that clinics and patients have the confidence to report it. This would send a clear message that threatening behaviour will not be tolerated on the streets of London.”

Before the debate, SPUC presented a petition calling on the Assembly to stand up for freedom of speech, and allow vulnerable women to continue to receive life-saving support. The petition received 1300 in the space of a week.

In her speech, Ms Twycross insisted the motion was “not about preventing free speech, as correspondents to Assembly Members have suggested.” She also said that people who wrote in to point out that the “protests” are silent vigils were “being disingenuous” and “it’s simply not the case – it is targeted harassment of a minority group.”

The motion was strongly opposed by several AMs, including by UKIP member David Kurten. In a powerful intervention, he recounted how he had been to visit the Good Counsel Network and had meet mothers who had been helped, and their children whose lives had been saved. He challenged members: “Before you vote for this, I’d ask you – have you been to meet them? Have you gone to talk to any of the mothers who’ve been helped by them? Have you met their children, who are still alive today, because there are mothers going in there who think that they don’t have any choice, but have been told that you can get help, if you don’t want to have an abortion, there are people there who can support you and help you?”

One of the things it’s critical for pro-life individuals need to pay close attention to here is the use of language, as the terms being used by abortion activists in London are part of a strategy that is also being employed here in America.

Notice how the pro-lifers are called “anti-choice?” That’s propaganda at its finest, using a term like this to paint those who believe life is sacred as those who don’t value true liberty and “choice,” the freedom to do what you want with your body.

But in reality, aren’t these people providing women with more choices than what the clinics are? Clinics make their money slaughtering the unborn, so they obviously don’t want to help women save their babies, so why not make the situation look utterly hopeless without an abortion. It’s what they do. These people provide alternatives, showing these women and their unborn babies the love and kindness others are not. So, since pro-lifers are providing MORE choices, wouldn’t that make the abortion supporters the “anti-choice” ones? After all, they aren’t giving the baby any choices are they?

This move is pure evil, and that’s the bottom line. Let’s pray for the people of London to be moved by God to turn away from this wickedness and embrace life once more, putting an end to abortion, a prayer we also say for the children being murdered here at home each year.