London: Children Are Being Suspended After Asking to Sit Out of Pro-LGBT Activities


The LGBT agenda is being pushed in all facets of society, but nowhere as aggressively as in the public education system. 

It should disturb every sane, rationally-thinking human on planet Earth that so many radical progressive adults are deliberately targeting young children. 

LGBT ideology goes against nature, science, the medical field, mental health, common sense, and the biblical morality on which western civilization was built. The adherents to this ideology know they aren’t on the side of truth and therefore have to use forceful, Gestapo-like tactics to bully and manipulate others into accepting their perverse lifestyles—even if those “others” are 10-year-old children.

In London, England, two 10-year-old children were suspended from their school simply for daring to stand up for their religious convictions and truth. Their crime was to have simply politely asked their teacher if they could be exempt from participating in an LGBT-centered activity. Kaysey, one of the suspended children, is now bravely speaking out about the incident.

As reported by LifeSiteNews:

“Before anybody knew what LGBT meant, everybody knew what gender they were,” explained Kaysey, who, along with her classmate, Farrell, was suspended from the Heavers Farmer Primary School, located in Croydon, South London. 

“But now people are confused,” continued the precocious 10-year-old, “and they’re saying that they’re bisexual and trans because they’re confused.”

“Before this happened, they were completely confident of who they were but now they’re not,” she added.

“It’s really affecting other kids,” explained Kaysey, “because now they’re losing confidence in [them]selves and looking at [them]selves and asking, ‘Why am I this person? Why can’t I be someone else?’”

“Before all this happened, people knew who they were,” said Kaysey. “School children are now facing the choice of what gender they are by the age of four.”

Her perspective is absolutely heartbreaking. Children are being tormented by confusion over something that they would otherwise have no problem understanding. The basic concept of gender has been completely destroyed and perverted by the progressive left and the increasingly pervasive LGBT agenda.

If the children who are being subjected to this confusing and contradictory subject matter dare voice any dissenting views or opinions, they could face being bullied by the very adults they are supposed to be able to trust. 

Kaysey and her friend Farrell have been suspended, but what’s even more disturbing is that the teacher and head of the school seem to be lying about the incident in an effort to justify their over-the-top reaction to the children’s simple request to sit out the lesson.

LifeSiteNews reports that “Kaysey’s and Farrell’s version of the story, which differs widely from what their teacher and the head of their school alleged, has been corroborated by their classmates.” (You can read more about that here.) 

What a sad state of affairs when adult teachers, who are supposed to be role models and examples, are lying and attempting to besmirch their own students! All in the name of tolerance, inclusivity and—don’t forget—love!

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said:

“This incident highlights again just how aggressive and intolerant the LGBT agenda can be,” continued Williams. “An ideology that has to resort to such heavy-handed tactics to force ten-year-old children to accept something that instinctively they do not only highlights how life-crushing that ideology is.”

This is going on in schools all across the U.K. and the United States. Children are being forcefully indoctrinated to believe things that they know are unnatural and wrong. Parents need to stand up and demand an end to this manipulation.

If a couple of 10-year-olds can stand up for what is right, then adults have no excuse.


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