Lori Lightfoot Announces $500K Funds for Abortion to Help Women Reach “God-Given Potential”

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced last week the establishment of a fund to help women abortion their babies in what she very disturbingly described as an effort to help the recipients reach their “God-given potential.”

Lightfoot, a Democrat, also used unsettlingly violent language with which to affirm her dedication to fight to protect abortion “rights,” and falsely claimed that a Wisconsin abortion facility was firebombed earlier this month.

In reality, it was a pro-life organization that was targeted by pro-abortion terrorists.

“We are soldiers prepared to fight,” Lightfoot said during a press conference on Monday while announcing the “reproductive health investments,” which includes “$500,000 to scale up access to reproductive health care for those who are going to need it.” 

The funds, which will be available to “Chicagoans and our neighbors” are earmarked to “support transportation, lodging, follow-up care and if necessary, the safe and legal procedure of abortion,” she continued.

As LifeSiteNews noted, Lightfoot’s press conference came after a weekend of oftentimes violent protest across the country, with lively and potentially illegal protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices in the wake of the news that, according to a leaked draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito, the court plans to vote to overturn Roe v. Wade this summer.

However, Lightfoot, for her part, had tweeted out that the leaked draft required a “call to arms” from the Democratic Party and other pro-aborts, phrasing that she appeared to echo last week with her “soldiers prepared to fight” comments.

Very ironically, however, she vowed to “fight to ensure that no person will be attacked, assaulted, bullied or discriminated against, because of who they are the choices they make regarding their bodily autonomy.” 

What’s more, she appeared to confuse the firebombing of a pro-life group’s offices in Wisconsin that weekend with an attack on an abortion facility, stating that “We already saw what is going to hopefully … not be a precursor, but just this weekend we saw a Molotov cocktail that was lodged at an abortion facility in Madison, Wisconsin.”

In reality, it was the pro-life group Wisconsin Family Action which was firebombed the day before Lightfoot’s press conference, an attack which the pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge reportedly took credit for days later.

“Unfortunately, we have to assume that more copycats will follow and we need to … make sure that we’re doing everything we can to protect and safeguard women’s rights to reproductive care,” Lightfoot nonetheless added.

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