Loudoun County Students Stage Walkout, Parents Voice Outrage After Student Found Guilty of Assault


On Tuesday, dozens of Loudoun County, Virginia school students walked out of class in protest of a growing sexual assault controversy involving a student who self-identifies as gender fluid.

The district has been home to more than one controversy over the past year as a growing movement of vocal parents has been protesting policies, including those which would force staff members to use students’ preferred name and pronoun as well as allow students to use bathroom facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

Earlier this National School Board Association (NSBA) issued a letter to President Joe Biden requesting that his administration address “threats” made to school boards by angry parents, which it equated to domestic terrorism.

The NSBA has since apologize for using such strong language, affirming that they believe parents have a right to voice objections, but not before the Department of Justice issued guidance to the Federal Bureau of Investigations to address the purported threat.

In their initial letter, the NSBA cited an arrest that occurred at a Loudoun County school board meeting after an angry father caused a scene.

It has since been revealed that the father, Scott Smith, was outraged that the district superintendent stated he knew of no instance of assault involving a transgender student at Loudoun County schools.

Smith’s daughter, in fact, was sexually assaulted in a girl’s bathroom at her high school and the male student who committed the act was found guilty on Monday. Both victim and assailant are minors.

The unidentified male student, who reportedly identifies as “gender fluid,” was wearing a skirt at the time of the assault and is currently facing charges for assaulting a female student at separate school where he was transferred after the first incident.

The idea for students to walkout came from parent activist Elicia Brand, who co-founded the group Army of Parents.

“I have been contacted since the smith case by dozens of parents who had their kids sexually assaulted, sexually battered in the school system and the school never did anything about it,” Brand told Fox 5.

“I do have a daughter who attends this high school and quite frankly, I wish it was longer than 10 minutes. I don’t think it’s enough of a position or stance 10 minutes, but I applaud the kids for doing what they’re doing… standing against rape or sexual assault,” one father who went out to observe the

“Parents can encourage it, but ultimately it’s the kids if they want to decide to walk out, they can,” he added.

As word of the walkout spread on social media, principals sent out an email to school administrators encouraging them to allow students to peacefully walk out and not to punish those who did.

Later that evening, parents showed up at a school board meeting to voice their concerns, demanding that the district superintendent, Scott Ziegler, resign after he erroneously claimed that no assaults had taken place on campus.

Recently-released emails reveal that he informed members of the school board about the assault on the day that it occurred.

“You are so concerned with pushing race and gender that you sacrificed our children,” the county GOP Women’s Club president, Patti Hidalgo Menders, told board members on Tuesday evening. “A girl was sexually assaulted in May, and you all knew about it. The predator was put back in schools to sexually assault another girl. You all should be fired.”

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