Lutheran Church Holds “Renaming” Ceremony for Transgender Pastor


For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie…2 Thessalonians 2:11 NIV

It is absolutely insane how far the gender insanity has spread. It is one thing for the world, who does not openly confess to believe in Jesus Christ and to live according to the Bible, to believe that gender is fluid and that a man can live as a woman and vice-versa.

But when people who claim to be Christians openly celebrate this gender delusion, and not only that but believe that it is virtuous and Biblical to do so, we have entered into a period of serious crisis.

Pray for the worldwide Church, saints, because we are up against some serious spiritual warfare and deception.

The Lutheran Church was named for Martin Luther, the man who championed the Great Reformation cause of bringing the Word of God to the people. In an ironic twist, however, a New Jersey Lutheran Church is forsaking the solid teachings of the Bible and embracing one of the most un-Biblical beliefs of our day: the belief that someone can change their gender.

The Daily Caller reports:

A New Jersey Lutheran church held a renaming ceremony for their transgender pastor, comparing the event to God’s renaming of Abraham and the apostle Peter.

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church held the renaming ceremony Sunday for Rev. Rose Beeson, a woman who identifies as a man and who henceforth goes by her new, chosen name of Peter, according to The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

Rev. Tracie Bartholomew, the bishop of the New Jersey synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), conducted the ceremony as a public show of the congregation and church leadership’s blessing for Beeson’s gender transition, which a Huffington Post writer conflated with the purpose of God’s renaming of Abram to Abraham in the Old Testament and His renaming of Simon to Peter in the New Testament.

“The renaming ceremony provided an opportunity … for us to show the broader world that there are faithful Christians who support LGBTQ+ people and offer a counter message to the one of fear and hate so prevalent today,” Beeson told HuffPo.

Just…no. No, no, and more no. Gender is one of the definitive aspects of being human, as established in the Book of Genesis: He created them male and female and blessed them (Genesis 5:2 NIV).

The Lutheran Church is supposed to function based on the teachings of the Word of God, and there is absolutely nothing within the pages of Scripture to compare renaming a woman by a man’s name and thus considering her to be a man to the name change the Apostles took on or the new name God gave Abraham after establishing a covenant with him.

Furthermore, this might be a bit of a statement of the obvious, but how can a woman be expected to pastor a church flock if she is so spiritually unsound that she believes she is a he?

There is nothing but confusion going on in this church Body. Can you imagine the epistle Paul would have written them had there been this type of behavior in his day?

Again, we need to be praying for the Church. These are terribly confusing and wicked times, where people with psychological illnesses are not only being placated and allowed to believe their own delusions but put at the helm of supposed church bodies.

Lord, deliver us from this crazy world!