M2F Transgender Files Human Rights Complaint Against Women Who Refused “Brazilian” Waxing Services


Over and over and over, we are presented with the physical realities of transgenderism, and yet there are still many on the left who would insist that the only thing that determines one’s sex is the way they identify.

Case and point: sixteen Canadian women are currently faced with a human rights complaint after informing a male-to-female transgender individual that they were unable to accommodate his request for a “Brazilian” wax, which is tailored specifically for female anatomy.

The anonymous individual, identified only as JY, is an intact male, yet filed the complaint after being told he would have to look elsewhere for a “manzilian”, the male equivalent of Brazilian wax services which the estheticians explained they were unequipped to provide.

“In recent months, JY approached 16 Vancouver-area female estheticians who only serve women, requesting a ‘Brazilian’ bikini wax on his groin area,” John Carpay, of the  Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, revealed on Tuesday. “In spite of the fact that JY is able to obtain a Manzilian in Vancouver, JY has filed 16 complaints against these women at the BC Human Rights Tribunal, claiming discrimination on the basis of ‘gender identity.'”

“The procedure for providing a man with a ‘Manzilian’ is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique,” Carpay, who is representing two of the women, explained.

Shelah Poyer, one of the women Carpay is representing, is a single mother who works out of her home, the Daily Wire notes.

JY is willing to withdraw the complaint–for a hefty sum, which the women are unlikely to be able to pay.

“If JY is demanding similar sums from the other 14 women, he stands to receive as much as $35,000 for dropping his human rights complaints,” Carpay explains.

Fortunately, the complaint against Poyer was withdrawn after Carpay informed JY he would be challenging the complaint.

The women who are still faced with the complaint are in quite a bind, as the legal battle involving a Human Rights complaint can be costly, and lawyers are rarely experienced enough to handle them.

“One of the women represented by the Justice Centre had approached, and had been turned down by 26 different lawyers and law firms. All of which cited lack of expertise in human rights proceedings, or fear of offending the transgender lobby, or both,” Carpay explained.

With legal costs of upwards of $20,000, it may be more worthwhile for some to simply pay JY off.

“Without legal representation, it is likely that most or all of these 14 women are going to pay settlement money to JY, to escape the very stressful tribunal process,” Carpay stresses.

These working women, many of whom are mothers, were simply trying to do their job and were simply unable to fill JY’s request, and he is seeking to profit from it, knowing full well how favorable the Canadian courts are to identity politicians like himself.

This is outrageous. Americans, be grateful for your liberty and let this stand as a reminder that we need to make sure we cannot be blackmailed into bending to the gender confusion agenda here at home!