Madison Cawthorn, Youngest GOP Nominee, Wins NC Congressional Seat

CHARLOTTE, NC - AUGUST 26: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) In this screenshot from the RNC’s livestream of the 2020 Republican National Convention, North Carolina congressional nominee Madison Cawthorn addresses the virtual convention on August 26, 2020. The convention is being held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic but will include speeches from various locations including Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, DC. (Photo Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images)

Madison Cawthorn, an up-and-coming Republican Congressional candidate, has declared victory over his Democratic opponent, retired U.S. Air Force Col. Moe Davis, for North Carolina’s 11th congressional seat.

25-year-old Cawthorn will be among the youngest citizens ever to serve in Congress when he fills Republican Rep. Mark Meadows’ seat.

Cawthorn, who was left paralyzed from a car accident, issued a statement to his voters via Twitter, saying, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”


“It is fitting to end this campaign where we started: based upon these three simple ideas,” Cawthorn said before the victory was announced. “I swear to you, until my dying breath, that I will defend your freedom in Washington. God bless you all.”

“While the far left is lighting our cities on fire, we are lifting the light of liberty,” Cawthorn said after defeating a Trump-favored candidate in the June primary, according to The Epoch Times.

“We can build new pillars all across this nation and prove Lincoln right when he said, ‘That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,’” he declared.

The Epoch Times continues:

Cawthorn has previously described himself as a constitutional conservative, says on his campaign website that he wants to secure America’s borders, protect religious freedom, and oppose socialized medicine. He also says he’s pro-Trump, pro-life, and pro-Second Amendment. He has sought to portray himself as part of a new generation of Republicans who, he said, are promoting a message of hope, opportunity, and freedom.

His biography describes him as a home-schooled student who was nominated to the U.S. Naval Academy by Meadows in 2014. That plan was derailed when he got into a car accident that left him partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He enjoys hunting, cooking, travel, and fitness.

As we’ve previously reported, Cawthorn is intimately familiar with the destructive tendencies of the left. Last month, his home and campaign headquarters were brutally vandalized, presumably by his opponent’s far-left supporters.

“The Henderson County GOP office, which was defaced with graffiti, many businesses, and local homes who displayed support for both my candidacy and other Republicans were attacked and their signs defaced,” Cawthorn explained at the time. “Personally, my home was targeted and my property vandalized by thugs acting in support of my opponent’s vision for this district. These left-wing enforcers spray-painted threats of violence and echoed my opponent’s words, as they symbolically crushed my neck and head on each sign deposited on my property.”

“The most disturbing report about last night’s events involves my opponent refusing to denounce these acts of aggressive violence,” he went on. “Just weeks ago, a well-known reporter was attacked by leftist groups in downtown Asheville, the same groups who have held rallies in support of my opponent, when asked to condemn such violent acts against impartial members of the media my opponent was silent. Today my opponent is silent again. Rest assured that attempts to silence our message of hope for this district will not succeed. Let us continue to pray for these troubled people that they may find peace.”

Folks, don’t underestimate these lower-office victories. The power to preserve our constitutional republic doesn’t lie simply with the president. That solemn duty belongs to every senator, congressman, sheriff, mayor, and so on. Praise the Lord for this victory!

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