“Maebe A. Girl” Wants To Be The First Drag Queen In Congress


While we are blessed to live in the unique constitutional republic that is the United States,  an unfortunate side effect of having a representative government is that when pockets of society fling themselves into wanton sin and debauchery, they will still demand government representation.

“Maebe A. Girl,” who hopes to be the first drag queen in Congress, is a symptom that extreme leftism, the cancer of societies, has metastasized in America.

Maebe, a biological male whose birth name is unknown at the time of this writing, is running as a primary challenger to Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who represents parts of Los Angeles County including West Hollywood and Burbank.

A glowing puff piece by People Magazine, describes Maebe as “[making] campaign appearances in lace-front wigs, brightly colored pantsuits and high heels, greeting voters under a tongue-in-cheek name,” but declares that “her” campaign is completely legitimate.

“It really took a minute for people to take me seriously, to realize that I’m not doing this as a stunt, I’m not doing this as a statement,” Maebe, 32, said. “I’m doing this to run an election and win it.”

Maebe, who currently serves on L.A.’s Silver Lake Neighborhood Council says he “decided to run in drag because I have a more powerful voice when I’m in drag.”

“People can’t ignore you,” he added. “The irony of that is the fact that on a society level, we’re completely ignored,” presumably referring to the LGBT+ movement that insists as often as possible that the entire world pay attention to them, celebrate them, and cater to their every whim. That’s the irony, really.

LGBTQ representation in government is what motivated Maebe to announce in late June she was challenging Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for California’s 28th district seat in the House of Representatives.

“We [LGBTQ people] are just as valid as any other member of society, and as such we deserve to have representation: accurate, actual representation,” Maebe also said, explaining why he feels Schiff isn’t as good a candidate to represent the district. “That means having our community members being representatives — not just having somebody who is an ally.”

What is incredibly strange about this whole ordeal is that, as a “genderfluid and trans” person, this man’s true identity is virtually unknown to his supporters and constituents. Of course, LGBT+ advocates would argue that his true identity is whatever he chooses, because that’s the world we live in, apparently.

“‘Maebe A. Girl’ is, yes, it’s my stage name, but it’s also part of my identity and who I am,” he explained to People. “I started realizing how much I enjoy being in drag and how, for me, it didn’t feel like a costume. It just felt like a natural extension of myself.”

People reports:

As “Councilwoman Girl,” Maebe serves in drag while splitting her time between continued performances, where she sometimes riffs on political figures such as Kellyanne Conway and Melania Trump. She’s able to head straight from a meeting to a show without an outfit change.

“One of my things that I really want to do is help unify minorities and show that if we all stick together, there’s so many great things that we can accomplish together,” Maebe continued. “I’ve had so many people message me just telling me that they’ve been inspired, and that’s part of what has inspired me to keep going. … I want to show these queer teens that they are just as important and that, if they want to run for office, they can run. If they want to win, they can win.”

Yup, this is really where we’re at as a nation. Drag queens reading to small children in libraries and running for Congress. Are you paying attention yet? 


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