‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ to Brainwash Kids With This Leftist Talking Point


‘The Magic School Bus’ was a favorite among 90’s kids, and, much like ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy,’ Netflix thought it would be a good idea to reboot the show for kids and nostalgic grownups alike.

Of course, we all know how the Bill Nye reboot went. It was less about science and more about perverse, sexually-explicit, leftist programming.

If you need a refresher how disgusting that was, check out what Elizabeth said at the time:

So is it any wonder that the cartoon reboot of ‘The Magic School Bus’ would have its own agenda as well?

Fortunately, as far as we know, the 13-episode series does not tackle anti-science gender confusion, but it does make sure to indoctrinate a new generation of youngsters with a healthy dose of climate change guilt.

According to Truth Revolt:

Episode 10 is called “The Tales Glaciers Tell.” In it, Miss Frizzle whisks her class off to a glacier where they learn that man’s inventions have so polluted the climate that the Earth is spiraling into a slow, but ever quickening death unless they start doing something about it and fast. The students are advised to ride their bikes instead of riding in cars and to use less electricity… or else. Who knew saving the planet was as easy as turning off a 60-watt lightbulb? (One approved by the government, that is.)

In episode 12, “Monster Power,” the students are frightened to discover they might be eaten by a pollution-craving monster unless they foil his dinner plans by using clean energy. Unfortunately, the kids aren’t told that monsters are no more real than man-caused global warming. So much for educational television.

Leftists, naturally, have celebrated the return of both this reboot and ‘Bill Nye Saves the World,’ believing that because the current administration questions the data on anthropomorphic climate change and evolution, that they naturally outright “deny science.”

As one blogger writes, expressing her delight at these shows:

US president Donald Trump and his administration have been openly hostile to scientific pursuit. Trump’s education secretary, Betsy DeVos, has funded groups that champion creationism, worrying some scientists that she’ll neglect her responsibility to ensure evolution is still taught in schools. The president’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, once called for the abolishment of the department he is set to run, before assuming the role. Trump has said that the scientific consensus on climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.

Of course. It’s only “real science” if it agrees with a leftist slant. This same blogger comments earlier on in her article that she vividly remembers grasping various scientific concepts after learning them from both Bill Nye and “The Magic School Bus”, and why wouldn’t she? That’s exactly what purpose these shows are for, to educate children.

If children learn at a young age that anthropomorphic climate change is a fact, especially from a TV show, that will stick with them the rest of their lives, and that is no doubt the point.

This is why you need to take action and be careful what you are showing your children. They are not just being indoctrinated in their public schools, they are being indoctrinated by often innocent-seeming TV shows and movies.

To start, it would probably be a good idea to generally avoid Netflix originals as they don’t have a great track record so far!