Maine Dept. of Education Pulls Sexuality Lessons for Kindergartners From Website After GOP Attack Ad

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The Maine Department of Education has pulled videos on sexuality and gender from its website after they became the target of an attack ad from the state’s Republican Party.

The Christian Post reports that the ads were released in May and accuse incumbent Democratic Governor Janet Mills of allocating $2.8 million in taxpayer funding on “radical school lessons,” pointing to the videos.

In the videos, a teacher explains to youngsters that people who identify as trans are people who “the doctors made a mistake about when they were born.”

The teacher explains that “when a baby is born, the doctors will tell the parents what gender they think that baby is.”

“Some people, when they get a little bit older, realize what the doctors said was not right,” the teacher says.

“Is this really what our kids should be learning in kindergarten, instead of math, science and reading?” the Maine GOP ad asked, before declaring that Mills’ agenda for education in the state is “just wrong for our kids and for Maine.”

Sexuality education in public schools has become one of the top issues of the upcoming midterm elections. Last year, now-Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin ran a successful campaign that centered largely around parental rights in schools, and Republican superstar Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has ignited ire and support alike for his Parental Rights in Education bill, which prohibits schools from providing instruction on sexual orientation and gender in schools.

The Post explains that the Maine gender lesson is part of a video called “Freedom Holidays,” which is included in the state’s “Kindergarten MOOSE Module.”

According to the Maine Department of Education, the Maine Opportunities for Online Sustained Education module was “created to leverage the expertise of Maine educators to develop a free resource for online learning.”

It was created to establish “the inequitable access to in-person education faced by Maine students at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The attack ad worked, at least in so far as the Maine Department of Education removed the videos from the website.

Mills, on the other hand, described this as the MDOE having “caved.”

On Friday, she announced that “the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) and Mills administration caved to pressure instead of standing up for some of the most vulnerable people, families, and students in Maine.”

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